elephant in the room


what i'm wearing:
pandora heart ring (gift)
MK watch

so.. my video from my last post. yeah that happened. thanks for all those who did comment as it was all positive feedback but i think i've realised it's not for me, not until i get an amazing camera and become a whizz at editing. don't worry my blogposts are still here to stay! i am absolutely in love with this playsuit, i don't what it is with me and clothing that doesn't really flatter my figure but i'm just drawn to them. i think there's something calming about not having to worry at all about how your body looks, such as when you wear a billowing playsuit like this. the print is so amazing, just everything beautiful wrapped into one. in hindsight i probably wouldn't have chosen to wear my brand new bright blue zara messenger bag with this playsuit but i just got excited and wanted to put all my new things together. that of course includes my new ilcentrimetro bracelet. as its unisex i have the other half constantly eyeing it is up so i think it's best that i keep it on my being at all times otherwise it may 'magically' disappear. i love that it's in white as it means i'm going to be able to wear it with everything. today has been the most unproductive day ever, lying about eating junk good. so much for vowing to be healthy! there's always next weekend, haha. i did do another order on asos though as i eyed up another gorgeous smock in the sale. apparently owning five already just isn't enough.

probably a one time thing - a video of my summer haul


so this is totally a new thing for me, it's pretty clear i'm awkward behind the camera but i just thought why not? even if it's just a one time thing then at least i've tried it. i've been buying quite a few things recently.so i thought the best way to show it was through a video. please let me know what you think as this is just a trial run and normal posts will continue on saturday.

introducing... little black dress


all items except clutch bag are from little black dress
if there is one thing every woman needs in there wardrobe, it's a little black dress. or if you are anything like me you might have five... oops. obviously everyone's style, shade and budget are different so it's great to have one place to find an evening dress online like little black dress. it's so easy to navigate around the website and find an outfit for any occasion, whether that may be a party dress or you need something a little more formal for a wedding or evening event. there were so many i liked on the website but i decided to style this gorgeous geek and stitches dress for a night out for a meal and some drinks. i love the quirky neckline and the contrast of prints; the geometric to the floral (?). although the website URL is little black dress that is not the only thing available online. don't worry there's plenty of colourful numbers to pick from and also you can get some gorgeous maxi dresses from little black dress. what dress would you pick? let me know :)

*this is a sponsored post

blurred lines


what i'm wearing:
h&m floral skater dress (£7.99 say whut?!)
choies snakeskin oversized bag*
primark belt
dune flats (old)
initial disc necklace
pandora heart ring (gift)
MK watch

i hate how my fake tan still won't cling to my crevices in my arms either ever since i got blood tests a couple of weeks ago. no matter how much i scrub i'm still white there, grr. i tried to find a link all over the h&m website for my dress but unfortunately it isn't there, but i did buy it only two weeks ago so if you popped into your local it should be there. i wore this outfit actually on my birthday last monday and although its overall a pretty cheap selection of clothes i don't think you can tell at all, plus i was at work for nine hours so i couldn't exactly dress up like i had at the weekend. the following day i received the most amazing package from choies containing this gorgeous bag and also a pair of shoes which will be featured in another post soon. even though it totally overwhelms me i love how oversized it is. especially when i take so much stuff to work with me every shift. the suede interior is super soft and it has a separate compartment inside so you can keep things out of sight, or out of the way. if you're smart you'll have realised this dress is the same print as my trousers i wore in an outfit post last week. i'm going crazy for vintage floral pieces at the moment. hope you like.

products i'm loving


i've never done a post like this before and it might just be a one off but i just fancied talking about certain products i've been loving at the moment. this ranges from just a week ago to two/three months ago. if i hadn't included my yankee candle i'd have probably have named it my summer essentials as it pretty much is everything i'll love using over the summer. please let me know what products you're loving this summer.

xen-tan morrocan tan - i cannot get enough of the stuff, first introduced to me when i received a sample size in my north meet up goodies after using it i can't imagine ever using another fake tan! my first bottle lasted my seven weeks or in other words seven applications as it lasts so well for a whole week. when applied i look so naturally dark, it doesn't smell and when washing it off it fades so evenly. can't recommend it enough, especially as i've just bought 3 bottles just the other day as it was on offer.

marc jacobs daisy perfume (gift) - although i own quite a few perfumes now, daisy for me has to be my all time favourite summer scent. whenever i have a bottle i get far too excited with it and use it up in just two to three months but as i received the much larger bottle this time for birthday i have vowed to make it last! if not, at least i can always pick up another bottle in the duty free if i go away this year.

lipstick queen in saint peachy nude* - i've already did a review on my lipstick queen lipstick a while ago which you can read here, but i will say it's my favourite nude lipstick and it's what i wear in almost all my outfit posts.

mac mineralize skin finish in medium plus - i'll be honest when i bought this powder for the first time last year after lily from llymlrs recommended it i just couldn't understand why everyone was raving about it. it ended up in my extra make up storage collecting dust until earlier this year i needed a powder for a night out. i don't know whether it was because previously i wasn't applying it with the real techniques powder brush like i do now, or my skin has just changed but now i absolutely love how it looks. it's so light on the skin but still provides great coverage.

yankee candle in cinnamon stick (gift) - not really much to say except cinnamon is my all time favourite scent and liam got me this for my birthday to replace my other cinnamon i got for christmas. love.

benefit watt's up highlighter - i didn't take another photo swatching benefit watts up as i did include a photo of it not that long ago here. it's the perfect shade of pearlescent for me as it's not too pink like highbeam as i'm more yellow toned. i have been using it on a daily basis and it just helps define my face so well.

maybelline color show nail polish in blood orange - finally, what kind of girl would i be if i didn't talk about a nail polish? when the sun comes out so does the bright colours, and for me this year i'm all about orange. it just looks so lovely on and brightens up any outfit.

back on track


what i'm wearing:
h&m crop top
zara pinafore jumpsuit
h&m leather belt
crown and glory lilac headband
asos leather flat shoes (gift)
initial disc necklace
pandora heart ring (gift)
MK watch

hurrah i finally have a day off work where i can dedicate it to blogging, it feels good. my posts the past two weeks have been a bit wishy washy with me being ill and then my birthday but don't worry i'm back on track and now keeping on top of my schedule :)

to the outfit as you can see i got the shoes i put in my birthday wishlist from liams mam which makes me super happy to know both him and his family read my blog as it's just extra support. and of course i'm super happy to be gifted something i actually really wanted to get for myself. they are most gorgeous dusty blue shade and are super comfy. i can see me wearing them a hell of a lot over the summer. i haven't worn this pinafore jumpsuit in goodness knows how long; probably four months. which is such a shame as it was love at first sight when i bought it and it was also £40. in hindsight when i bought it i should have waited for an xs to become available as this is a small and it absolutely huge on me. meaning i can only wear it with a belt super tight, making me look like mc hammer half the time. either way i really like the combination of this outfit, and i just decided to put on my new crown and glory headband i bought for myself when i was sick. don't think i have the confidence to wear it out just yet though...

when life gives you lemons...


what did i say in my last outfit post, i'm awkward as heel with the camera at the moment... which you can see with my deer in headlights stare. basically this is my go to outfit at the moment, when i can't really be bothered to think about what i want to wear but know this looks good. these jean/leggings whatever you want to call them as definitely my biggest bargain buy of the month, £12.99! they are such good quality and they suck you right in at the tummy and they are genuinely really well made. they have them in plain white and black too so i might get them instead of forking out for the joni jeans instead. my top was super cheap too really at £14.99. bargain outfit really. i decided to wear this when i went out for a couple of drinks on saturday night just because i didn't want to be mega dressed up but i still wanted to look better than casual so i thought my new shoes would be perfect as they have a little heel on that just gives you an extra oomph as opposed to wearing flats. plus they are amazingly comfortable, not one pain after wearing them for four hours off the trot. i think it's a very nice summery outfit in my opinion and it makes a change from me being constantly dressed in black.

even though i had to endure a nine hour shift at work first before i was able to really celebrate my birthday, afterwards i had such a lovely evening and was spoilt rotten. dreading turning twenty one already though haha.



mac lipstick in chili
initial disc necklace
pandora ring (gift)
MK watch

i don't know what's going on with my massive pout, how embarrassing. i haven't taken any outfit photos for over two weeks now and i found it really difficult to stand infront of my camera and do it again; having to think of where to put my tripod, where to stand, how to pose etc. i think i just need to warm up again and i'll be okay. so if my outfit posts are a little naff, that's why. as i'm at work for the full day of my birthday on monday me and liam decided that as i'm off the whole weekend we'd go out for drinks on the friday. so yesterday i treated myself to getting my roots done (yay!) and also a whole new outfit. even though this was my third possible attempt of an outfit, as i'd bought two playsuits before this that didn't work for me i'm the happiest with this. i'd saw this playsuit on the topshop website ages and fell in love with it but then just totally realised i'd never have an opportunity to wear it and i forgot about it. thank god i have it now. i got it in a size 8 and it's a perfect fit, a little awkward to get on and off when you need the ladies room on a night out haha but it's worth it i think. the print is stunning and i think it would ruin it if i tried to throw in other colours which i why i decided to stick to a tan clutch and black nails. now although my birthday isn't until monday liam surprised me with an early present when we were having drinks and it's the pandora ring i popped in my birthday wishlist. yay for him actually reading my blog. it's absolutely gorgeous and i never ever want to take it off my finger. now i have pretty much all the jewellery i'm ever going to want to need or wear. i hope you like the outfit even though these pictures just don't even do it justice. tonight i'm off for a couple of drinks with my girl friends as i intend to make good use of my three days off especially with being off sick last week.

another customised iphone case, really?


what can i say, when i got my new iphone 5 i just had to get another customised iphone case, i'm sold on them completely! i know you as a reader are probably sick of the sight of them but there is nothing better than being able to see photos that mean a lot to me on a daily basis reminding me of memories that automatically perk up my mood. i think one of these would make the perfect gift for any occasion. if i didn't already have one, i'd be asking for one for my birthday.

the cases are available for the iphone 4, 4s and 5 and cost £24. caseapp allows you to upload whatever image you chose, rotate and scale your image to fit perfectly to how you would like it. what's best is that you are able to preview what the final case will look like. delivery was super quick, being processed, printed and delivered in a matter of days and arriving on my doorstep with free delivery. you can choose a black, white or transparent case. i've already had lots of compliments on my personalised case and i love that no one will have one like mine. the case is super strong and the images are really clear. which was a surprise to me as i thought because i'd scaled them down so much they'd be distorted.

2013's birthday wishlist



so my departure from my teenager years is slowly but surely approaching (one week - ahhh!) and although i don't want it to really happen as it means i'm growing it up i thought i'd at least spend some time looking at things i'll be buying after my birthday or what i would like to get for my birthday. every special occasion i always ask for marc jacobs daisy, it's just a given. it's my favourite perfume and i love keeping and collecting my empty bottles. everything else are just little things that i think are nice, especially the pandora ring. the one thing i ask for every year is a nice silver ring; as i don't like wearing gold, so finger crossed the boy gets the hint (hope you're reading this, kiss kiss). i've never owned white jeans before, but the topshop joni jeans definitely appeal to me. don't they make you look huge though, or is that just me? let me know.

why so serious?!


what i'm wearing:
h&m trend satin maxi dress
h&m leather belt
OASAP clutch bag*
initial disc necklace
barry m hi-shine nail polish in greenberry
MK watch

oh dear it looks like i woke up with chronic bitch face when i took these photos, i can only apologise. you know when you see something online and your heart becomes set on it? this dress was it. but i had to wait a week to get paid and when i went back it was sold out, leaving me devastated. as h&m trend is only stocked in limited stores such as newcastle, metro centre and london i made the decision on saturday to hop on two buses and travel all the way to newcastle to see if the dress was there. thank goodness that when i got there it was, and for some reason £5 cheaper - woop! so with my discount i paid £26 for this beaut and i can't even tell you how many compliments i've gotten on it. people keep saying it looks like karen millen and a really expensive dress so maybe it's not to wear casually as i thought i could. i'm a huge fan of the colour green so i thought i'd just go all out with green on my nails too, i just couldn't help myself but luckily i think it compliments it actually. to be honest i don't think these photos give my dress justice, it's not frumpy at all and i had to get this in a size 6, i just have no idea where my waist has went in my full length shot.

after almost a week being sick, i'm finally on the mend and i'm going back to work tomorrow. i don't think i ever want to have another blood test ever again.

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