what i'm wearing:
topshop jumper
primark faux leather skirt
zara heels with ankle strap
new look necklace
MK watch

as you can see, this post is pretty photo heavy but i think it's worth putting all the photos on. as you know i had the north meet up this sunday in manchester, organised by the amazing em from emtalks and wow did she deliver! although i was ten minutes late (sorry) because of getting into my hotel later than planned i was able to find a blogger friend gemma (www.gemmaer.com) to enjoy the event with. the event was held at manchester's revolution in deansgate locks in the VIP area and we were able to listen to talks from glam glow, xentan, blanx and also a new company called arbonne (pictured: keil speaking during his presentation). it was pretty overwhelming with so many companies and brands to look at and talk to but i absolutely loved learning about how much companies enjoying working with bloggers and value our opinions. although i missed out on the huge supply of krispy kreme donuts that were being passed through the event i did manage to get my hands on one of the customised cupcakes made by the lovely lauren from www.cherrylovesit87.blogspot.co.uk which were so yummy. my only regret is that i wish i had not been a coward and taken some photos with the bloggers who i managed to meet, especially victoria from inthefrow. i'm so unphotogenic when it comes to other people taking my photo so i chose to get no photos at all, this really needs to change for next time. when the event had finally reached its end we were given a HUMONGOUS gift bag containing so many products that i'll probably not even need to buy another skincare or hair are product for another year haha. i'm so happy i did the two and half hour drive to attend as it was honestly so much fun, i wish i could have spoke to everyone though. it was so clear how much effort went into organising it and i couldn't be more grateful as these kind of events never happen up north. i didn't manage to get any photos of my outfit during the event so i had to do some quick ones when i got back to the hotel afterwards before i had to get changed to go out again. i honestly can't wait to do a post on all my goodies, would you prefer a haul or individual reviews on some of the items?

here's all my goodies which is crap quality as i took it on my iPhone. so much stuff, thanks em!


  1. this looks so good, can't imagine how much work went into organising it all for it to be perfect. I know what you mean about having other people taking your picture I'm the same, im not photogenic at all! your outfit looks lovely!

    Jessica x

  2. I know how you feel about being unphotogenic, I did let ppl take my photo but I HATE them, I look so awful! Not photogenic at all :( You looked stunning though, I doubt you really are unphotogenic, you looked so lovely :) Great post, you got some lovely photos. xx

    1. Thanks Gina, would have been lovely to have chatted to you x

  3. I absolutely loved your heels! Kept staring at your feet (sorry if that sounds odd haha!) Lovely outfit!

    Grace xxx


  4. aw it looks amazing, wish i'd gone! love your cat bag :D xx

  5. wowwwwww looks amazing! so lucky :) your shoes are gorgeous btw love the pop of colour! xxx


  6. those goodies are incredible! I love your skirt, it's gorgeous xx

  7. This looks like such a fun day!
    I love your cat bag and necklace! :)

  8. ALL those goodies! WOW ! it looks like you had an amazing time! i'd love to attend something like this in fuure!

    This is the final week of my giveaway and i'd hate for you to miss the chance to win some soap and glory goodies plus an electric facial massager/cleanser! x

  9. OMG so many goodies , i want them all !


  10. Looks like a fab day, your cat clutch is amazing!xx


  11. I love your whole outfit, the clutch is so cute!xx

  12. Your heels are gorgeous!!
    I so want
    And wooooow so many goodies!
    S xx

  13. Woah! You got so many products in the goody bag, looks like you had an amazing day :)


  14. Hope you had an amazing time! I wish I could of went... Those goodies look unbelievable too!

    Megan xxx

    1. I really did, I know right?! I can't wait to get everything open and try them all x

  15. That cake is too cute haha! Looks like fun, love your outfit x


  16. I have those Zara heels in black, they're so pretty aren't they!
    The jamjar cocktails look so cool :)
    Daniella x


  17. Oh my god that cat bag! Too cute! It looks really cute with your outfit. So jealous of that goody bag as well - amazing! x


  18. Those shoes are amazing! And you got so much goodies! I wish there was more US meet ups!

    trinawears.blogspot.com | bloglovin

  19. It looks like so much! i wish i could have gone.

    jess xx

  20. I'm so gutted I missed out on this, looks like such a great event


  21. sounds like an amazing experience, also love your cute bag and shoes :D xx

  22. Wow looks lovely!!! I would just love to go to a blogger meet up. One day. And your cat bag is gorgeeeee! Can you send me the link to where you bought it on eBay www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  23. I remember commenting on how nice your cat bag was. I really want it :)
    Plus of course your shoes were fab too!
    It was such a great day, and was great to meet you. Hopefully there will be another meet up in the not so distant future.

  24. Looks like such a great time! Look at all those goodies you got! Fab shoes too. Have a lovely weekend girl xo


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