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i am aware that this is my second manchester related post, but so many times do i go places and never take photos so this time i decided i'd go all out and do my best to take as many photographs as i could. even though my main reason for being there was for the north meet up i had monday off work i decided that we'd try and fill up our time doing things before we left. as the north meet up ended up at five o'clock i literally got back to the hotel, sorted out my hair and threw on something different and we were off to get a bite to eat. although i did tweet asking for good places to eat in manchester (thanks to whoever sent a recommendation over) we didn't really want to stretch far so we ended up at the slug and lettuce in deansgate. as we got there at about seven it was pretty quiet but we liked that as we weren't sure what kind of characters would be there when we got there, yes we're those kind of people... boring. as my sister only turned 18 the previous friday she decided she'd be cool and order herself an alcoholic drink having her passport at the ready but she didn't even get id'd which was pretty funny. that being said the food was really nice, i wish i could have eaten it all. i think all the travelling had taken it's toll on us as we were back to the hotel by half eight and asleep by twelve, however i knew i was going to take my sister for a spot of shopping at the trafford centre in the morning. i knew that she'd never been before so it was so great that she loved it when we got there, it's nice to get away from our usual surroundings that we become used to every once in a while. as i don't have a lot of money to spare i actually didn't buy anything besides some fiji water as the boyfriend likes to feel like a celebrity with it, and some cupcakes from selfridges but my sister got some pretty good buys from forever 21, h&m, river island and topshop. we don't have a forever 21 where we live so we were in our element, it's so nicely decorated so i took quite a lot of photos in there. TOURIST ALERT.

in my life if things are going well it just means its a sign that something horrendous is going to happen, and boy did it on the way back from manchester. about an hour and a half into our journey, twenty miles from home my car decided to break down in between a motorway and sliproad. we initially thought it was because of petrol and police had to be sent who decided to shout and belittle me saying i was stupid for not managing my fuel better which subsequently led to him giving me a £30 fine (which i will be appealing for reasons i'll explain in a moment). obviously i was already distressed and crying by this point so another police officer had to drive me to a petrol station to fill up a petrol can, however when we got back to the car and put it in the car wouldn't start. this lead to attempts to jump start it etc. which failed and three hours later with no sign of my car recovering my dad had to drive to meet us and tow me which has to be the scariest thing i have ever done. i'd have hoped it was just a minor problem but it turns out that it is something called the canbelt which is £450 to fix. considering the car is only worth a mere thousand pounds it's not worth buying so this essentially means i have no car anymore so i'm so stressed about what i'm going to do as i'm supposed to be going to manchester again for a week on the 21st! like i said, my life can never be smooth sailing.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time. I need to get myself to Manchester, I'm a fashion student and I've never been shocking ha! So sorry to hear about your car, hope some luck comes your way!
    - jennabarbara.blogspot.com xx

  2. wow looks like a fab time in Manchester!
    OMG I can't believe all that carry on with your car though! I hate when something great happens and then something awful like that comes after. That police officer is a right idiot! Hope it all works out soon though and are able to get to Manchester again okay both there and back this time :D xx

  3. Ahh, that's the worst! Also, how is it legal to get fined for not having enough petrol?? What if you'd just had a leak you weren't aware of? Also, I know how annoying it is having to get stuff fixed in a car; had to replace my cambelt as well a couple of years ago, right pain in the bum. I hope everything sorts itself out for you! Don't despair :)


  4. Oh wow i've never been and I really want to visit
    It all looks so lovely
    Take it you're a big fan of forever 21 lol
    S xx

  5. the trafford centre looks amazing, i want to go now! that is such bad news about your car. don't try and let it worry you too much, i'm sure it will all work out in the end :) x


  6. oooh that Marc Jacobs coke stand is to die for!
    i'm off to Manchester next weekend and you've really made me want to visit the Trafford Centre!


  7. I heart the Trafford centre x


  8. I'd love to visit Manchester sometime, it looks so amazing. There's a much wider variety of shops compared to where I live! Sorry to here about your car, that's so awful of the police officer to shout at you, definitely appeal!

    Megan xxx

  9. I used to work in the Trafford centre haha how nice is it!!such a shame about your car though :( I'd be terrified if I broke down on the motorway eeeeek.looks like you had a nice time other than that though xx

  10. Really want to visit manchester by these wonderful pictures , it looks fab!
    Great blog!


  11. Looks fab up there and like a great day out!

    I really like your blog, following you on GFC now. Would me so much if you checked out my blog too =) maybe even follow if you like it :D

    Looking forward to your next post xx


  12. Manchester is one of those places I've never been able to visit before, but it looks like a good day out. I totally wanna visit the trafford centre! : )


  13. i was in the trafford centre on monday morning too! shame i didn't see you! i was wandering around forever 21 for ages, so much nice jewellery. aww i'm so sorry to hear about your car, i'm terrified of something like that happening. really hope you manage to get it sorted somehow xx

    1. No way! Aw man I wish I could have seen you, would have been so good :D x

  14. Dying to get my hands on some of that marc jacobs diet coke.


  15. i go to uni in manchester, the trafford centre is fab! lovely pics xo

  16. I need to go to manchester, especially for shopping!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. I honestly think I'll end up living there, I love it! x

  17. I've been to the trafford centre once with my school a long time ago. It was so lovely but we didn't have time to shop! I'm so incredibly jealous that you got to go to the meet up. I wish i could have been there!

    Hazzie xx

  18. nice post :)
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  19. Sounds like you had a fab time apart from the car business. Hope you manage to get it all sorted ok xxx

  20. hey love the post, trafford centre is fab! now im going to make nachos you've inspired me!

    all of your pictures are so clear and beautiful i love it!

    please check my blog out i'd be super chuffed.


    i'm your latest follower i hope you'll follow back.


  21. ah, lovely photos! I've never been to manchester and I really want to go!


  22. Hi dearest, I love your post! Lovely blog!
    I love to follow inspirational blog like this.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin? :)

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  23. Lovely post!
    What an idiot of a police man fining you. x


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