hair removal with sk:n


source: sk:n clinic liverpool

i've always been keen to know what lies beyond having to shave everyday or getting a painful wax in an attempt to have constant smooth skin. having to shave your legs becomes extremely monotonous and for me personally, sometimes it means i can't relax when it comes to getting ready for a night out as i know i have to do the whole routine of exfoliating and shaving my legs THEN moisturising all for them to look remotely okay being bared instead of opting for tights. as i'm debating having a holiday later on in the year and there's no way i can get away with just letting my hair grow as i'm one of the unfortunate people that have incredibly dark hairs, i decided to do some research into laser hair removal as i am aware it's most celebrities; like kim kardashian choice of hair removal and i also know a few women who had it done for when they got married. it's described as working by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, halting hair growth. the sk:n clinic is located really closely to me in newcastle but they branches all over the UK and they do offer a consultation to do a test patch to see how your skin will react to the laser treatment. as it is supposed to last for four to six weeks before you need another session it's definitely something i may have to ponder about doing. having checked the website they do currently currently have 30% off bikini and underarm laser hair removal courses which you can check out here, if you're interested. what do you think, is laser hair removal something you'd be interested in doing? or if you've already had it how was your experience? let me know!



what i'm wearing:
h&m printed kimono jacket
h&m conscious scalloped vest
h&m black leggings
new look ankle strap pumps
new look necklace
initial disc necklace
MK watch

this outfit post just shows i've gone H&M mad. what i can i say, having 25% staff discount really is the thing that pushes me over the edge with my already bad spending habits. even so let's just all take a moment to appreciate how amazing this jacket is, right? seriously i can see myself wearing this on an almost daily basis to replace my ridiculously overworn leather jacket. most kimono jackets are super colourful and just too much sometimes for everyday wear so i love that i have a darker alternative. it's so silky and ahhh it's just so nice, i want to wear it all the time.

anyway i'm back home now from manchester and luckily i still have a couple more days off before i'm back to work (thank god). i have so many posts to get written for you as i'm working with some great companies at the moment so stay tuned as they should be something you'll enjoy reading, hopefully. whilst away i've spent an embarrassing amount of money so there'll be some half decent outfit posts showcasing my purchases off soon. i'm going to spend my first night back at home trying to catch up with the blogging community especially with the bbloggers chat at 8, i've missed having time to get involved every sunday! then i'll probably end up watching crappy television in bed for the remainder of the night. a little dull but i wouldn't have it any other way.

lets open H&M washington!


so here we have in nutshell why i've been so busy lately. to think that when we first walked into the building it was completely empty and somehow we were able to make it into an actual shop is madness. most of my shifts over the past two weeks have consisted of me tagging 10,000 pieces of clothing and in the process stabbing myself about 9,999 times too, leaving my fingers in tethers but hey-ho. the day we we opened the store me and the rest of the gang had to go round the area handing out balloons and goody bags to let people know we were opening at 11am. even though we expected some queue outside we definitely weren't prepared for how many people actually did end up turning up. i couldn't even position myself somewhere near the store where i could get a whole picture of the queue, that's how big it was! before my manager cut the ribbon to officially open the store we all had a glass of fizz and listened to some of the staff make speeches, which was somehow followed by them all dancing to gangham style. believe me, i don't understand it either but it was hilarious. our first customer received a £50 gift card to spend in the store and the first 100 received a wristband that allowed them to get 25% off all day, so i'd definitely say it was worth the wait. for a good two hours the queue for the till was to the front door, it was maniac for us but great for the store. we had a DJ for the whole day and upstairs we had free face painting. it was supposed to be for children but it ended up most of the employees getting it done. my favourite had to be roisins wolf, i wish i took a photo of it! . before we opened we all had to make a guess at how much we thought we'd make in the first day and i came 2nd which meant i won a huge bottle of cava, love a bit of alcohol so thanks guys. since we've opened i've managed to spend £75 (sorry liam) myself just because everything is so nice and i was scared that if i didn't get it, it would sell out and i'd regret it. so basically, if my outfit posts just consist of clothing completely from H&M you know why. last but not least how amazing is the cake we were given for the store opening? it actually tasted amazing too, which is why i've been living off cups of tea and slices of cakes for the past week. but yeah, i honestly am so happy to working in my new store the people are amazing and i actually love it.



firstly can i just point out that all photos apart from the last one was taken on my iphone 5! i can't believe that the quality is a million times better than my camera so yeah it looks like i'm going to have to invest in a tripod especially to hold it steadily. even though i absolutely love having a new phone i'm a little gutted that my camera will have to take a back seat purely due to clarity of my photos. i wish i had an endless supply of money so a perfect canon number could be mine. anyway the best shirt award definitely goes to this paisley number! i always forget about urban outfitters when i look to buy new clothing but after i saw it on lilybee's most recent outfit post i just had one of those "it has to be mine" moments. it's pretty steep at £45, but it's worth every penny as its my absolute favourite thing i own. i hope you liked my installment of a guest blogger from chloe yesterday, i thought it would be better than having nothing to post at all. if you haven't already make sure you get yourself entered into my 1000 follower giveaway as you can win 2 MAC lipsticks of your choice and a tangle teezer :)

p.s i'm having the best time in manchester, premier inn really have been looking after me so i can't thank them enough. i'm going to see the new iron man tonight, i hope it's as good as the previous ones! robert downey jr is a major hottie.

GUEST BLOGGER: chloewitty


as i'm currently in manchester at the moment with the other half i've decided to give a fellow northern blogger the freedom to get there posts on here so charissarae isn't completely AWOL. don't worry i do have some posts from myself at the ready too, i'm just really dealing with a lot of stress at the moment and liam thinks it's best for me if i try to relax as best as possible so for once i'm trying to listen to him; even though i'm a born worrier but hey ho. i'll still be on my twitter and instagram so check it out and without further adieu here's chloe from chloewitty.
hi everyone!

since charissa has very kindly let me choose what post i put on her lovely blog, i thought i'd show you my favourite item of clothings of the moment. the first comes in the form of the vintage shirt which I got for an absolute steal at judy's affordable vintage fair. its a massive size (even though it claims to be a medium) but i love the baggy fit and the effortless "hey i just rolled up here in the first thing i found" look. the jeans are amazing. i know everyone and their mothers now have these jeans but they are worth every penny and they fit like a dream. finally, the boots. oh my favourite things. they are amazingly soft. after a week they were broken in *fist pump*. the cut-out detailing is perfect and oxblood is back for A/W 13. you know, thinking ahead and all that.

so there you go, my favourite clothes right now. big love for these things.

to the moon and back (& my giveaway is up!)


what i'm wearing:
h&m conscious scalloped vest
h&m black knitted cardigan
h&m printed trousers (similar here)
OASAP bag*
river island flats
urban outfitters elephant bracelet
MK watch

life just feels so much better when you've fake tanned, don't you think? i'm really bad for applying it frequently which means most of the time i resemble casper the friendly ghost, but as i knew i'm going away i made sure i did it. i usually use st tropez or st moriz (the cheap stuff) which is okay but not amazing as it usually disappears after a days wear, so i decided to give my xen-tan moroccan tan sample i received at the north meet up a go. i honestly can't explain how amazing the results are. even though at first i thought "oh god, i'm streaky and now look a different ethnicity", with one quick scrub down in the bath left my tan looking even and most importantly still dark but natural looking at the same time! it's pretty pricey i think but the results are amazing so i think i may have to buy a full size.

i think this has to be one of those outfits that is extremely casual but really interesting all at the same time. these trousers are my absolute pride and joy at the moment, originally £14.99 but are currently in H&M's spring offer so you'd get them for only £7.50, such a bargain. they are such a great quality as they aren't a ridiculous tight fabric that means as soon as you get them on you can't even move. i even tested by doing squats being the sad person i am. i'm usually an 8 but i got a 10 as i know that H&M are quite tight with there trouser sizing but they're a perfect fit for me. i think they are going to great for interchangeable seasons as i can throw on a jumper with them in the autumn or a vest and flats in the summer. everyone will have seen these shoes, they're fab and i won't like i did only get them after i saw lily from llymlrs wear them in her outfit posts. who knew white shoes could be so nice? finally, i'm so glad to have a new bag c/o OASAP. as everyone can tell monochrome is my favourite trend (i'll still be wearing it when it's no longer considered fashionable) so to now have a black and white bag is just the best thing ever. i did think it was going to be a lot bigger in size before it came and even though i tend to pack my entire life in my day bags i still think it's so cute and maybe it will teach me that i can just pack my purse, camera and some powder and i will survive. i can't wait to start wearing it to death.

here's my 1000 follower giveaway, my way of saying thank you!
you can win 2 MAC lipsticks of your choice and a tangle teezer, both products i couldn't live without.

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watch the throne


what i'm wearing:
sheinside floral tunic*
h&m black leggings
h&m knitted cardigan
new look ankle strap pumps
h&m leather belt
MK watch

ahhhhh, new hair at last. it feels so good to no longer have horrible browny black roots taking over my whole face. this week has been jam packed with hours at work so i feel like i've been neglecting the blog a wee bit but don't worry our store is now open (i'll be doing a post about it soon) and i'm off for ten days from sunday so you will all have my undivided attention! if you read my i heart manchester post you will know about my car breaking drama. initially what was just my car running out of petrol has subsequently turned into my car having to get scrapped. obviously this is horrible as i'm having to trying to adapt to buses; mentally preparing myself for the three hour megabus to manchester on monday, urgh. i suppose in the long run its going to save me a lot of money though.

i really love high neck clothing at the moment and this sheinside tunic is no exception. although its advertised on the website as a dress there's just no way that would be happening, unless the whole of the north want to see my bot cheeks (which i highly doubt they do). even so i think it looks great with some leggings thrown on. my new look shoes have to be one of my favourite purchases at the moment as a) they were so cheap and b) they're so purdy, i'm definitely jumping on the bandwagon of ankle strap shoes. hope everyone will be having a lovely weekend, mine will be consisting of stressing and packing. what on earth do you pack for a week in manchester anyway? everything? that's probably my plan.

(how i felt by the end of taking photos)

product review - impress nails


it's very rare that i have negative things to say about products as i'm always able to find something good to say, but i honestly couldn't be more let down by this product so i just had to tell yous. i received these in my north meet up goodies and i can say hand on heart that these were one of things i was most excited to get out and try. what drew me in was the amazing packaging, the box shaped like a nail polish container! as i have teeny tiny hands i was so chuffed that these were suitable for me so i was easily able to find nails to fit each nail and ready to apply. overall, the application was actually really simple. just a simple pull away of the sticker and the nails were on. voilá, right? wrong. within two hours of having my nails applied one had already fallen off. i thought it might have just been a fluke so i quickly popped on a replacement and carried on but unfortunately at work the next day the same nail had fallen off once again. the following day all the nails were off. that means that instead of the week they are supposed to last mine lasted a mere 48 hours. all i can is at least they didn't wreck my nails. have you tried this brand and did you have the same experience as me? if so let me know as i would like to try the other colours they have as they are a simple solution to perfect nails.

i got you babe


what i'm wearing:
urban outfitters printed shirt
pinafore dress (borrowed from sister)
kiss zebra print nail wraps*
primark cardigan
asos bowler hat
eBay cat bag
MK watch

full length photos y u suck so bad?! i really need a new camera, nine times out of ten i really hate the quality of my photos at the moment. i think it's just cause i'm so jealous of so many other bloggers crazy amazing cameras. if you can point me in a direction of an amazing one in the £200 max price range that would be great. alas i have joined the denim pinafore trend, and it feels good. if there is only one trend i enjoyed from 90's fashion it had to be denim dunagrees. i just love how they've found a way for them to style it in a way that doesn't make me look butch as hell. it's so perfect for when the suns a little better and you fancy a day out to the beach or going for a picnic. i'm wearing the nail wraps that were amongst all the goodies i received at the north meet up, i was actually so surprised at how easy they were to apply. i definitely think this is going to be my new "thing" that i'll get into, so look forward to seeing more nail wraps soon. i've ordered a few nail art pens over the week as i've been asked to get involved with HQ hair's nail art campaign. what i basically have to do is create some unique looks with some polishes they sent over to me so i'm looking forward to jazzing them up and getting them photographed when i have some spare time. don't hate me if there are less posts over the next two weeks, my new shop (not mine personally, H&M's) opens on thursday so i'm in work pretty much everyday and then i'm in manchester the whole week afterwards. i will be taking my laptop and camera etc. with the intention of doing some posts but you know what i'm like.

p.s I'VE REACHED 1000 FOLLOWERS! can you believe it? you people are amazing and i love you. don't worry i'm getting the goodies in for an amazing giveaway to say thanks for reading. don't forget there's still my chicnova giveaway going on if you want to enter with the chance of winning a $30 coupon.

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