product review - elemis freshskin #2


so.. elemis, we meet again. after my first edition of elemis reviews (here) i must have done something right because the wonderful jennie asked me if i'd like to do it a second time around. i was very happy to do it as it's important to figure out what products are good before you dive in and buy a whole range like freshskin. two problems areas with my skin are dark circles and incredibly dry lips which means i constantly struggle with looking good, despite piling on the make up. when you have a busy schedule like myself the usual "get more sleep" response just isn't doable so i have to turn to as a quick fix like eye creams. i recently splurged on the origins ginzing eye cream and even though i use it every morning i rarely see a difference when i use it so when i finally had the elemis tired eyes soothing eye rescue to try out i was thrilled to try something new. the clear gel feels so refreshing and when patted on the eyes you can feel a cooling sensation allowing any puffiness to subside. i really love using this on days when my eyes really do feel like they need to be 'rescued' as it just feels like i've given my face a little extra tlc. i definitely think it's worth the £15 price tag as you apply the smallest amount of product, meaning it will last for at least 3-4 months. when i say i have incredibly dry lips i really am not exaggerating. if i don't constantly apply a lip balm after about an hour there will just be layers of flakes that have amounted (attractive, i know). i think work may be a little bit to blame though as they constantly have freezing air con blasting during my shifts which will be doing nothing for my dry skin anyway. one thing i really enjoyed about the product was the scent. peppermint, ughhhh so good. i wish i could be as positive about the lips quenching lip balm as the tired eyes eye rescue, unfortunately. i don't think there is anything wrong with the product itself, i just think my lips need something a little more moisturising especially in this current climate. baring in mind even vaseline doesn't do anything for my lips either.

like i stated in my previous post if you aren't willing to splurge on full size products why don't you try the freshskin discovery kit? the fresh start discovery kit contains a mini peachy perfect gentle face wash 30ml, softly softly daily moisturiser 15ml, deep clean purifying face mask 3 x 7ml, skin glow exfoliating face wash 30ml and dreamy sleep night-time moisturiser 15ml for just £19.90. the freshskin range can be found in superdrug stores around the UK too.


  1. I think i'll have to try the freshskin discovery kit since it seems affordable with all those products thrown in, thanks for informing! x

  2. I also suffer from tired and sometimes puffy eyes, but everything I try just doesn't work! Have you tried Lush lip scrubs? They're really good at exfoliating your lips before using a balm, just a thought :)
    Megan xxx

    1. Yeah, I have it but it just makes my lips worse x

  3. Those are my two skin problems too, I've never tried an eye cream though, I might give this a go :) xx

  4. Think i might have to try the eye cream!
    My bags are getting so bad and i need that pick me up
    S xx

  5. my mum uses elemis, she always sings phrases of it!


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