having a hair emergency


what i'm wearing:
h&m trend high neck top
primark faux leather skater skirt
h&m leather belt
MAC lipstick in chili
MK watch

you know what's the worst, when you buy something and the day after its gone in the sale. this is what happened to me with this top, i thought i was bagging a bargain with this top at £17.99 as its so similar to the white topshop one that's £32 but low and behold it was in the sale for £10 the next day, bloody scamps! i can't find the receipt either to return it back and bug it again to get my money back. oh well nevermind at least it's not a cropped number so i can get a good amount of wear out of it. i'm thinking joni jeans will look good with it (shock). i know i overwear this skirt but i can't help it i genuinely love it so much haha it's actually the favourite thing i own, even if it is a little too big. sorry that there aren't more photos to show you for this post, its just one of those outfits that there isn't much to see except what i've photographed. boring and uninteresting. in other news look at my horrendous roots! i am saving myself until i get paid on the 14th next month before i have some fresh locks so until then i just have to deal with looking like a donut.

hope that you are all having a good easter weekend. i wish i could have been lucky enough to have thursday to monday off but unfortunately sunday is my only day off. as it's my first day off in five days i'm going to try and make the most of it by going over my friends house for a a get together than maybe going out for a casual couple as i'm driving home. good ol' sensible me.

cobalt blue


i think this might actually be one of my favourite outfits i have worn for a while, i just think it's pretty my perfect combination that shows off my personal style. these are two pieces i bought whilst working in the adult h&m store compared to my usual kidswear surroundings, this means i am constantly surrounded by things i want to buy now and on this occasion i caved. i think the dress is a worthy investment as it can be layered up for colder days (like today) or perfect for summer to just pair with some sandals. they also have it in a gorgeous peach colour that i'm tempted to get. the jumper is such a bargain though at £7 (or £5.25 for me with my SD) as it's so soft and the quality just feels so lovely. there is nothing worse than a jumper that irritates the skin. let me know if you like it.

on a personal level the leap from eight to thirty hours is slowly starting to sink in at how i am basically never really going to have much free to myself during the days anymore. it's time like this where i wish i'd just stayed at university even though i didn't enjoy it, just to further delay having to grow up and work. it's pretty tough at the moment, as i'm training in newcastle where it is impossible to park so i'm having to leave my car at home and get an hour metro journey which means i basically have to get up three hours before i'm actually supposed to be in work. for instance, i have a shift at nine next week which i will have to get up at six for, the time i used to get up for when i had a 7am delivery shift at the metro. i think if anything it makes you realise how much you dependent you become on a car when you have one.

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a very mini wishlist



a little bit of a post where you'd think what was the point, but these genuinely are the only things i'm really lusting after at the moment. even though i love all things beauty related i very rarely mentally wish for any beauty products... besides all of chanel and tom ford.

besides looking for things for MFW i have very little need to buy anything else. this is a strange feeling for me as i'm always thinking about things to spend my money on the second i get paid. apparently it's "common knowledge" that sunglasses must be worn for fashion week which at first baffled me but i can understand why, i don't want a constant derp face because of all the flash photography. so i'm now on the hunt for two new pairs to wear. cat eye shaped sunglasses seem to suit me the best so that's what i'll stick with, i really like these ones and i've seen a pair in h&m trend i think i'll get. i have a major zara obsession at the moment, everything they have in is amazing! i honestly can't stop looking online and buying things. i don't buy a lot of shoes besides boots and heels as i am notorious at ruining them but these polka dot ballerina shoes are perf! finally i know that i have always been a big hater of the neon trend but recently i've really been wanting bright yellow bag. i want some colour in my outfits, i feel like a new woman.

it's just over a week until the north meet up now which i can't wait for! i may have to be getting a 6am megabus with my sister for it (meaning i'll look scarily dead looking) but i know it's going to be so worth it after the amount of work em from emtalks has put into it. plus i'm stopping over in a premier inn so i don't have a dreaded journey back straight after! please let me know if you're going.

bareMinerals - the next big thing


bareMinerals ready the next big thing palette (limited edition) - £29*

what is this? a beauty post... my oh my this post is SO overdue it's actually a little bit silly. one thing i do love when it comes to make up is eyeshadows, some people don't understand the hype but there is nothing greater than a smokey eye created by a variety of different shades. i only really use urban decay eye shadows with the occasional mac pot thrown in but when look fantastic gave me the opportunity to try this out i couldn't have been more excited. bareMinerals are a brand i had never used before, nor did i really know much about them. i only thought of them as a company that created really low coverage but healthy looking face products but i'm super happy they have created a whole new range of 'ready' products.

the first thing i love is the packaging, it's so neat and compact which is super appealing to me. even though i love my naked and naked 2 palettes they are so bloomin' big there's no way in hell you'd be able to carry them around if you wanted to create a quick day to night eye look whilst on the go. secondly, i love that all four shades are different finishes which is great for me as there are some days when i feel like using a bit of shimmer instead of my usual matte shades. i think all four shades compliment each other so well meaning they can be used in a series of different ways and still look great. so far i tried out rising star and hoopla out together a few times and i loved them. with a primer they stayed on all day and didn't crease while i was at work. i can't wait to try out smash hit and ensemble together, i think they will look like the matte version of kayleigh from couturegirl's cranberry and purple smokey eye she created with shimmery mac shades a while ago. i'll definitely be uploading it onto instagram showing you how it looks! what do you think, is this something you'd consider adding to your make up collection? let me know. :)

pearly whites


what i'm wearing:
h&m blouse (again - sorry!)
topshop jacquard shorts
initial disc necklace
MK watch

so once again i'm wearing this blouse, what can i say it's a favourite of mine! these photos were taken on a different day to my other post featuring this top (which you can tell if you look at either a new nail colour or my eye make is slightly different) but it's something i am able to wear with so many pieces in my wardrobe. i did actually have another outfit post i wanted to put up before this but the photos came out well below par so i just had to scrap them. i popped this on for a trip to the metro with liam yesterday as we were bored and wanted to do something. these shorts are available on the topshop website still, which is weird since i bought mine beginning of december last year. did anyone else not think topshop sold pieces beside basics for that long? they are something i really love wearing even if they are little tighter than they were four months... woops weight gain. on my face i'm wearing mac's studio fix fluid in NC15 which gives a better coverage for me when i'm doing things properly during the day not just popping to the corner shop. it's perfect for work as it doesn't start to melt off my face as the day goes on, you know what i'm talking about. it's definitely my favourite foundation of all time. on thursday for the first time ever i got my teeth whitened! it only costs £50 and i couldn't be happier with the results. if you want to see my before and after pictures it's on my instagram here

the hunt has now begun to start finding and buying outfits for MFW which i'm attending and blogging for boohoo on the 22-26th of april. i'm so excited to go but i've never been so stressed trying to bring outfits together before, i feel too much pressure to look perfect and fashionable when the reality is i'm just a 19 year old girl from sunderland. my plan is to try and wear a different SS13 trend each day whilst still dressing like myself. this means the chances are the whole 'sports luxe' trend you won't see me in; that being said i saw a lush varsity style top in zara! are you enjoying my blog being more fashion based than beauty or are you missing the beauty posts? let me know as i honestly have no idea. i really would love to know what you think.

p.s my listings on eBay end at 1pm tomorrow! please check them out as you might bag yourself a bargain. some are topshop and have never been worn. click here.



what i'm wearing:
sheinside striped top*
topshop joni jeans
topshop chain necklace
primark flats
vintage bag
MK watch

if you keep up with me on twitter you'll know what's been going on with me recently which is maybe why i haven't been as frequent (by that i mean every day) with my posting. some of you may prefer not to see a post from me everyday, some of you may be missing it who knows all i know is that it's probably how it's going to be from now on. this is because up until recently i was only working an eight hour contract with the odd overtime thrown in as it was the only job going after i dropped out of university and i didn't want to be sitting on my bum all day. however, recently a new job within the company has become available and i've finally been given a contract on thirty hours which i am so happy to have as it means my pay will be trebling from what it was previously. although this is amazing financially it does mean that i'm not going to have as much free time as i did before to blog, this does not mean i'm going to stop though! it probably just means when i post my outfits may be a little better as i'll actually have more money to spend (and hopefully i'll be able to afford a much better camera).

i absolutely love the monochrome trend as all things black and white are at the top in my books. i already own quite a few pieces to wear for the trend but when sheinside gifted me this top i think it's basically my perfect item, as it's literally going to go with anything. i decided to keep it simple the first time i wore it as i had a shift at work to go to after i took these photos, but i think it would look amazing on a night out with my faux leather skater skirt and some heels, or even my pinafore jumpsuit. i love that even though it's chiffon material it's not sheer so it means no exposure of the bra, hurrah. 

what's in my make up bag?


so here we have it, after many requests i thought why not get this post all sorted. i just own a standard primark make up bag that cost approximately £3/4 but it's super pretty and really big, meaning i can fit everything in one place that i use on a daily basis. i am warning you that this is pretty photo heavy but will have very little writing. this is because i don't really feel like i need to explain everything i own/use, i will try my best to link everything though! i'm the kind of person who's daily make up is pretty much exactly the same as my night make up, except maybe the addition of false lashes for a night out. it's just one of those things. i have also been asked about doing a skincare post too about the products i use so if you are interested please tell me as i have a huge bag for all those goodies too. hope you enjoy.



what i'm wearing:
h&m blouse
h&m leather belt
primark faux leather skirt
initial disc necklace
MK watch
such a simple outfit, slightly school-esque but i love it. this is my most recent purchase from h&m from the conscious collection. even though i work for h&m so it's expected of me to big up the brand i really do think that it's amazing that they are trying to run there business in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. for example, they are the number one user of organic cotton worldwide... anyway back to the clothes. this shirt isn't like anything i already own, its so girly and i just think it's going to look fab with anything, even just when chucking on some jeans for a super casual day.  my favourite thing has to be the cute little ruffles on the armholes. i wish it wasn't quite so sheer that you can see my bra through it (sorry all) but i suppose if i just wear a t-shirt bra everything will be fixed. before i went out i decided to throw on my navy polka dot bow headband just because i wanted a wee bit of colour. hope you like.

p.s just thought i'd tell everyone that in the bottom photo i'm wearing my benefit hello flawless foundation i won at the fake up event, which i love. even more so because it means i can finally get away with wearing light coverage foundations as my skins improved a lot in the past month!

product review - liquid gold


there are always products you will read on beauty blogs and competely and utterly lust after but because they are pretty pricey you don't know whether they are worth the plunge, especially if the product happened to not work for you. for me alpha-h liquid gold was that product. i'd uhm'd and ah'd at the opportunity of buying it for about six months, even resorting to eBay to try and find a cheap deal eventually my desire to buy it subside. BUT after seeing it featured on carolines blog sparklyvodka last month, seeing that i could get two alpha-h products for the price of just one bottle of liquid gold i knew this was my opportunity to swipe it up, and i honestly have zero regrets. i purchased the alpha-h 2 piece ultimate anti-ageing duo. for £30 i received my full size bottle of liquid gold and a full size bottle of the absolute eye complex, meaning overall i saved £36 based on product value.

so what are my thoughts on liquid gold?  if you do have sensitive skin this won't a suitable product for you to use, however don't let the word acid scare you. the first time you use it expect to have an irritating stinging sensation for approximately ten minutes, if you're anything like me i totally freaked out and had to go on twitter to ask if it was normal as i thought this meant my face was going to blister. no worries it just means that your skin isn't used to this product, the more you use it the more the sensation disappears. as you're only meant to use it on alternative evenings allowing your skin to recover and repair, this has become my skincare product i genuinely look forward to using. the improvements i have seen have been amazing. my only issue with my skin was that i have quite a lot of scarring around my mouth which meant i had to wear a lot of concealer to try and hide them, now one layer of light coverage foundation (yes, light!) covers my face enough to make me look flawless. i'm not saying my skin is perfect because of using this product but it's 100% helped. i will continue to use this product and when it's ran out i will be hastily repurchasing another.

what do you think, is something like liquid gold what you've been looking for?

why do i do this to myself?



like the title states i don't know why i do this to myself. i know i own more than enough make up but the more i watch beauty gurus on youtube and read product reviews i'm just forever wanting to buy more and more products. i didn't even realise when i made this wishlist collage that i've basically put together a whole set of products that would create an entire face look, maybe it's a sign that i should get them all (ha).

i've always wanted to try nars sheer glow, there are so many positive reviews out their and the semi-matte finish is so appealing to me... the price tag is not. like my ysl touche éclat foundation i'm always hesitant to buy an expensive high end foundation incase it doesn't work for me. however kayleigh from couturegirl posted a really good review on sheer glow this week so i'm lusting after it again. the benefit event is the reason why i want the most glamourous palette, enough said. there's nothing really to say about the highlight and blush, except the highlight is a cream formulas which is something i don't really use when it comes to face products but i think i want to expand to at least trying them. finally, i must be the only blogger in he world that does not own any of the revlon butters. i have no idea why especially as all i read is co stant positive reviews on them. maybe now is the time to invest, can you recommend any shades to me?

product review - perricone


perricone MD nutritive cleanser - £34 for 177ml*

when i was younger i used to wonder what was the point of a skincare routine, all i thought i needed was a good moisturiser and a spot stick for the occasional breakout. but now i finally understand the importance of them and follow a strict regime every morning and night with military precision. cleansers are the one skincare product i quite simply cannot live without, so much so that i probably own approximately nine just so i can use different types; whether that is a balm, lotion or a gentle foaming cleanser, it completely depends on the condition of my skin at the time.

let me just say that i waited until i used up the entire bottle of this product before reviewing so my review is 100% the wholehearted truth. each night before i settled down for bed i would use this cleanser with an eco tools sponge to remove my make up. what i loved about was how after just using the amount the size of a 10p piece it took my entire make up off and my skin felt so clean and fresh and it could finally breathe again. perricone seems to have their skincare products perfected as this cleanser paired with my alpha-h liquid gold (review coming soon), has improved the general appearance of my skin massively. it's a rare occasion for me as my skin is usually pretty bad but i can't even remember the last time i had a major blemish now, even the little ones i have grown accustomed too haven't appeared in two weeks now. however like my jurlique serum (see review here) it's definitely one of the best skincare products i own but i can't justify the price! it's such a shame as i'd have loved to have repurchased this and maybe the intensive pore minimiser too from lookfantastic.

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people like us


what i'm wearing:
ASOS dogtooth peplum top
barry m gelly hi-shine polish in prickly pear
h&m leather look skirt
h&m leather belt
MK watch

i absolutely love this top, it's one of my firm favourites that goes with pretty much everything. it's the perfect piece to wear if you are making a transition from a day to night outfit without going home to get changed. my usual way of wearing it is with my leather trousers or thick leggings however i decided to make it a little more girly by wearing a skirt instead, i couldn't leave the leather behind though. if you haven't guessed from most of my outfit posts i own far too many leather look pieces. in my wardrobe there probably is five different kinds of leather skirts, three sets of leather trousers and a pair of leather shorts. what can i say, i love leather. i wore this for when i went shopping with my sister on saturday and it was really comfortable and practical to get around in, no worries about my skirt riding up. although i did have to loosen my belt after we'd been for a bite to eat, forever eating too much.

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