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products mentioned:
real techniques expert face brush
real techniques blush brush
real techniques powder brush
eco tools facial sponges (3 pack)
eco tools deluxe fan brush
nutribiotic cleanser for sensitive skin (473ml)
collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner
maybelline master shape brow pencil (soft brown)
collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (01 fair)
barry m gelly hi-shine nail polish in greenberry
barry m gelly hi-shine nail polish in prickly pear

hi, i'm charissa and i'll admit to quite recently being a spendaholic. i think i have all of you fellow beauty bloggers to blame though, you always write such positive, reliable reviews so i just can't help but pick products up. so much for window shopping.

i have victoria from vipxo to credit for introducing me to iHerb, who i can't thank enough as it's saved me a whole lot of money. if you spend over $40 you receive $10 off your order, so including shipping all six products cost me a shocking low price of $43.18. if i were to buy all these products in the UK my guess would be that it would set me back extra £30-35. shipping took just under a couple of weeks which is expected when you order abroad. however, when delivered everything was in perfect condition so i couldn't be happier. i will definitely be purchasing from iHerb again. i don't have much to say about the products i picked up from superdrug (the bottom three pictures), i am planning on doing a separate post on the barry m polishes though. if there are any other products from this post you would like reviews on just let me know.

with my parcel i also received a unique code that gives first time buyers $10 off too (or $5 for orders under $40) which is extremely generous if you ask me. just use the code NHM478 at the checkout and start shopping for goodness sake!

p.s can you spot the wet sponge? haha, i totally couldn't wait to start using them before i photographed them.


  1. it's such a shame they don't accept my card:(xo


  2. That website sounds amazing! If I still needed some brushes I'd be on it immediately, but I only need the stippling brush now :/

    I love the polish colours you've picked, and the fan brush looks amazing! xo

  3. I have just put a haul up on my blog too! When I went shopping the other day I also bought some of the gelly hi shine polishes by barry m, I'm just about to try them out! I also bought an eco tools brush as they're so long lasting! Seems like a rather hefty haul! xx


  4. I recently ordered a bunch of Real Techniques brushes from iHerb, cannot wait for them to come ahh! And I saved a good £10-£15 as apposed to buying them from boots!

    1. It's great isn't it! You get the brushes for a least half the price of what they are in the UK! x

  5. I nearly bought the Real Techniques brushes from this website a few weeks ago! I think it's time I did!Xx


  6. Need to try the blush and powder brush:) x

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    1. My make up just looks and applies so much better with these brushes now! x

  7. Amazing! I love Collection 2000 concealer! its amazing. As for Barry M, I love anything from there, such good products for the price, wish my Paypal would work, cos I'd totally be ordering from that site!
    My little blog! ♥

    1. Fingers crossed you get it sorted, whenever I have an issue with paypal I just ring up rather than waiting to hear back from an e-mail as they fix the problem there and then for you. x

  8. I need a set of the real techniques brushes, i've heard so many good things about them ;) lovely blog.


  9. Barry M nail polish is the best, such an amazing range of colours - and at such a great price! My favourite! x

  10. Those Barry M polishes are lovely colours!

    Kimberley x


  11. you got some lovely stuff! i love the barry m polish in prickly pear! so gorg!xx


  12. I've just brought some Real Techniques brushes, they are unbelievable!


    -Lucy xox

    1. I know, I've had the core collection since November and never looked back! x

  13. Love love LOVE the RT Expert Face Brush, literally makes my face flawless! Great haul!

    Megan xxx

  14. I love the eco tools brushes! I have their travel kit- i think that's what it's called! I still am yet to get the RT brushes, tho.


  15. I have the Barry m nail polish in prickly pear and I love it! It's probably my favourite colour to paint them at the moment- so cute! OX

  16. I'll definitely be ordering from here soon!


  17. I was going to order some more RT brushes from iHerb, so I'm really thankful for the code ahh! I love the Collection 2000 liner and concealer, great products! Can't wait to pick up some Barry M polishes next time I'm in the UK! x

  18. Ahhh oh not you really have increased my spending problems!
    S xx

  19. Great pics, I love the Barry M Gelly Nail polishes :)

  20. I ended up buying some real techniques brushes from iHerb after seeing your post. It was so much cheaper than buying them in boots, even including shipping all the way from the US so thanks! :) xx


    1. So glad someone else benefited from it too, you're welcome! X

  21. Love your header on your blog, its so so nice. How did you do it?

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    Thank you :D

    Corals Closet


  22. Really want to try the real technique brushes and the barryM polish! x

  23. The real technique brushes are amazing and I got them on iherb as well :)

    Shauni x

  24. I bought the whole range of Real Techniques brushes from iHerb and I was so shocked at how good quality the customer service is, how cheap everything was.. and just how easy the site is to use. I am so tempted to place a cheeky order on some physicians formula makeup now! xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  25. did you get charged any tax fee as they're from the US? x


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