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herbal recovery gel (30ml) - £45*

i can't begin to explain how difficult it was trying to get a swatch of this product. dear me, i'm worn out! they're not the best photo's in the world, but i did my best. i honestly don't know how i survived without this product, my skin is forever grateful to HQ hair and lookfantastic for giving me this to try out. no matter what cleansers or toners i tried out my skin was still uneven and dull, now i know what i was missing in my routine was serum! i've waited two weeks before writing up this review so i could be completely honest. the herbal recovery gel is described as an antioxidant serum designed to revive, restore and protect skin. for me, it has done exactly that. every morning and night i applied one or two pumps which is enough to cover the whole face. when you think of a gel you would expect it to be thick and heavy on the skin but this is the complete opposite. the consistency is quite runny which means even when applied my skin is still able to breathe. the rose scent might not be to everyone's taste but i really like it as it's so refreshing. two weeks later, apart from my breakouts the overall appearance on my skin has improved massively. my skin feels hydrated, brighter and has a much more even tone to it. meaning my make up looks much better and stays applied longer now. would i purchase again? definitely... if it was cheaper. as much as i love it i cannot justify the price tag. i am incredibly fortunate to have received it and i'm grateful to have it, so because i love it so much i'm going to savour it and not use it as regularly as i'd like. i do know HQ hair and lookfantastic have 20-30% off sometimes so if i'm doing okay with the finances i might be able to afford it. otherwise it looks like i'll be asking for it as a birthday gift.


  1. Ive been on the lookout for a new serum and this sounds so impressive!

    Zoe |

  2. Rather want to try out this product myself now, it sounds like a dream!


  3. This sounds brilliant! May have to purchase if it has money off at some point. Thanks for the review!
    Megan xxx

    1. If I ever find a code to get discount I'll make sure to post it on my twitter! x

  4. It looks like a cute travel product that I'd probably use. I suffer from dry skin and I'm always looking for something to help hydrate it.Lovely post :)

    *new follower*

  5. ah so glad i found your blog, it's so lovely. this serum is exactly what i need, too. new follower here! x

  6. This sounds amazing! Definitely can't justify the price either though :( xo

  7. It's such a shame isn't it?! Although at least you know if you're paying this much it's going to have positive effects! x

  8. The price is such a put-off :( which is a great shame because I am desperate to purchase something which helps my makeup stay on longer and hydrates my skin. Unfortunately my poor student / part time worker won't currently fund that :(

    Http:// xxx

  9. this looks amazing!
    i wish it wasn't so expensive as a product like this would really benefit my complexion!


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