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one of the things that has stressed me out the most about this weather we have been currently having in the UK, is how much it can affect your post being delivered on time. in the past when ordering with companies and paying extra for next day delivery to ensure your parcel is here on time despite the bad weather, still finding my door being left unvisited by the postman. thus, wasting my money and left very disappointed. however, it seems that this time around i have been much luckier with receiving my post on time. for the most part i have Parcelforce to credit for that. what is most convenient about ordering with parcelforce is that you can opt to have SMS updates on the progress of your delivery. this means you receive a text asking which date you would like to have your parcel delivered. this is perfect for me as it means i know when myself or someone needs to be in the house. or if that is not available there is an option to redeliver it at another time which is more convenient for you. this is the best customer service you could ask for. where the company puts your convenience before their own. when i'm not receiving parcels myself, i like to use parcelforce as my courier when i have sold items via my eBay account. this means by paying a little extra for recorded delivery i can track it's journey so i know when my customer can expect to receive their item and know when they have received it; as you are able to see via there website if they have signed for it or not. this helps perfectly for when you get the odd unreliable customer who tries to get something for free (naughty naughty!)


  1. That's amazing!
    Love the fact they inform you instead of the whole
    It'll be delivered between 9-5
    That's a lot of hours and my whole day normally gets wasted
    S xx

  2. So many of my items have been delayed and we don't even have much snow here! I love the one hour timeslot idea, DPD do that too!

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Cute


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