20 random facts about me


(i'm not that vain to have myself as my background it's just for this post)

1. i have a huge thing for pretty stationary, especially notepads
2. i find making lists extremely therapeutic (even more so when written in pretty notepads)
3. the other half has nicknamed me a baby dinosaur because of how much i'm able to eat
4. cinnamon is my favourite scent/flavour (especially if it's ice cream!)
5. even though i live in the north of england, i was actually born in cambridge
6. i am obsessed with the television series criminal minds
7. i enjoy reading about serial killers and how their minds work (this makes me sound so sadistic)
8. i'm a university drop out
9. i have a huge fear of rejection.
10. it's not something i should admit but i'm a enormous final fantasy fan and have completed all the playstation games.
11. i have a huge fear of talking to strangers, unless they are associated with someone i know. this means if someone tries to speak to me i either hold myself to move away from them or just won't respond to what they say. (this mainly happens on nights out)
12. i used to be a major calorie/fat counter and run five miles almost everyday.
13. i want to visit japan more than any other country.
14. blogging keeps me sane.
15. i'm the worst person ever for saving. even when i say i'm not spending i find myself ordering something online.
16. i'd love to appear on come dine with me.
17. i'm the oldest of three siblings.
18. whether i'm getting ready for a night out or just going somewhere shopping i always take an hour and a half to get ready. i'm horrendous at just trying to get ready quickly, i always get distracted. the fella always gets annoyed because i take so long.
19. i'm such a lazy person, i always wait to the very last possible second to do something. whether that be an assignment (when i did have to do them) or getting out of bed, or leaving for work.
20. i obviously don't hear it myself when i speak, but i apparently have a really blunt tone. this means even though i think i sound normal when i say something i can sound really patronising and end up offending people. i really don't mean it!

does it feel like deja vu?


what i'm wearing:
topshop floral blazer
topshop floral trousers
topshop sleevless peplum top
topshop chain necklace
dune loafers*
now, i know my last outfit post also featured this blazer but earlier today i had an interview for topshop hence why i went a little overboard with being full kitted out in topshop clothing. plus, i'd bought the matching trousers since then so it seemed the perfect opportunity for me to wear them together. do i think i got the job? no, probably not. i don't think i did as well as i possibly could have but i'll still keep my fingers crossed. the past couple of days i've been slightly negative about generally everything. whether that be to do with general life, or my blogging. it's probably just hormones but i was genuinely considering taking a break as after the sundays blogger chat i started to compare myself to other bloggers out there and feel like my blog wasn't good enough. i know to others i'll sound an idiot, but i was genuinely disheartened as up until that point i'd been really proud of my blog. not to worry i'm sure it's just a funk i need to shake off.

my giveaway ends at midnight (GMT) tonight! so tomorrow keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicdiamonds are forever



as you can tell, i'm so happy that monochrome is one of this seasons trends. i'm not the biggest fan of wearing colour, black and white are definitely my preference. simple is the best policy. i absolutely love this dress from oh my love. can you imagine how perfect it would look with retro 40's waves, winged liner and a bold red lip? it just oozes a sensual look. ugh gimme! everything else in my wishlist is pretty simple. i would love these boots from ASOS though, but i can't justify £60 for another pair of shoes at the moment (or even £45 with 25% student discount). i'd love to wear the white top with some skinny jeans with the boots and studded bracelet. it would look so great. i hate how much everything's cost at the moment especially when i'm trying to be better with my saving. on the plus side i did buy a couple of tops from zara the other day and i got a gorgeous dogtooth peplum top in the ASOS sale; which you might had seen if you keep up with my instagram, which i am looking forward to wearing.

this month i'm offering spaces for blogs/companies to advertise on my blog. the prices vary and there are still spaces. check it out here if you'd like and don't be shy you can get in touch by emailing or twitter. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPiceveryday look using my naked basics palette


products used:
origins ginzing eye cream
mac paint pot in 'painterly'
naked basics palette*
maybelline colossal volume express mascara
rimmel liquid eyeliner in black
rimmel soft kohl eyeliner in black
sigma eye shading e55
sigma tapered blending e40
sigma pencil e30

a little different to my usual posts as it actually contains my face! as much as i love blogging i'm still getting used to having to sit infront of a camera and take photos of myself for the whole blogging universe to scrutinise. however due to quite a lot of you asking for this kind of post i didn't want to let the team down. everyday if i'm going out in public my make up routine always includes a neutral smokey eye and eyeliner, apart from the odd days when i'm rushing to get ready for work. as long as you know the right method, eye make up can stay on all day. trust me. first and foremost you must use an eye primer. i am currently using MAC paint pots. they are actually sold as a cream eyeshadow but i think they are much better suited as primers as they create a nice smooth layer for powdered shadow to be applied. to create my look i applied walk of shame all over my eyelid and up to the brow bone, followed by a layer of naked 2 over the top. then with a fluffy brush i blended faint into the crease. finally using a pencil brush i highlighted the brow bone with venus and voilé the smokey eye is done. easy as pie. if you aren't confident with liquid eyeliner then you don't have to do it, it's just my personal preference. it will still look gorgeous with a generous coating of mascara. if you want to make the look more intense to make it just that more smokey, use a kohl eyeliner and apply it to both top and bottom water line. i really enjoy this look and i hope you do too!

p.s i know a few people are having a few issues following via gfc at the moment, it's because i'm currently in transition to my own domain (so professional, haha) so if you search www.charissarae.com instead of www.charissarae.blogspot.co.uk it will show up, i promise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicurban decay naked basics palette


i know everyone and their mothers are ranting and raving about this product at the moment but i just couldn't help myself. i'll be completely open about admitting that if i hadn't been fortunate to have been sent to review i would have bought it myself anyway because i already am a big fan of the naked palettes; rushing to buy naked and naked 2 the day they were released in the UK. to get six full sized UD singular shades for £20 is 100% worth the money, as they sell a single eyeshadow for £14. i use my other naked palettes everyday and in the 18 months i have owned them only one of the shadows has emptied. if that isn't good value for money i don't know what is. out of all the naked palettes i own, this is definitely my favourite. it's significantly smaller than the other two so it's easy to just pop in your everyday bag and they are all matte shades (apart from venus which is for the brow bone). i very rarely wear shimmery shades unless i'm on a night out and wearing a plain outfit. i'm positive that you will see this on my blog in more upcoming posts, i might even do a post on what looks you can create with it. my favourite at the moment is naked 2 as the base, faint blended in the crease with venus to highlight. if you haven't already got this, then you should definitely get it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicinstagram post #11


saturday night date with sam, matching trousers to go with my floral blazer, the urban decay naked basics palette! (review soon), cheap eBay purchase, walk in the winter weather, the boy, date night at la tasca, motel dress i had been lusting after, giveaway purchase, back to wearing rings, hate the dreaded petrol light, my holy grail origins face mask.

if you want to keep up with my daily actions you know where to find me:
instagram: charissarae / twitter: @crmcaneny

Image and video hosting by TinyPicfighting the weather to deliver on time


*this is a sponsored post*

one of the things that has stressed me out the most about this weather we have been currently having in the UK, is how much it can affect your post being delivered on time. in the past when ordering with companies and paying extra for next day delivery to ensure your parcel is here on time despite the bad weather, still finding my door being left unvisited by the postman. thus, wasting my money and left very disappointed. however, it seems that this time around i have been much luckier with receiving my post on time. for the most part i have Parcelforce to credit for that. what is most convenient about ordering with parcelforce is that you can opt to have SMS updates on the progress of your delivery. this means you receive a text asking which date you would like to have your parcel delivered. this is perfect for me as it means i know when myself or someone needs to be in the house. or if that is not available there is an option to redeliver it at another time which is more convenient for you. this is the best customer service you could ask for. where the company puts your convenience before their own. when i'm not receiving parcels myself, i like to use parcelforce as my courier when i have sold items via my eBay account. this means by paying a little extra for recorded delivery i can track it's journey so i know when my customer can expect to receive their item and know when they have received it; as you are able to see via there website if they have signed for it or not. this helps perfectly for when you get the odd unreliable customer who tries to get something for free (naughty naughty!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicjanuary glossybox - let's detox!


if you know me, you will know i've been receiving glossyboxes for a very long time. i used to love knowing every month i'd be getting both my glossybox and feelunique beauty box (which has now been discontinued) containing loads of new products for me to try. i know some people can be disappointed that they don't get full size products each month but let's be serious, for the price how can you expect that? i personally prefer sample size products anyway as i usually get bored or forget about them half way into using them, then i've just wasted a fair amount of money on a full size product i didn't use. whereas with samples they are the perfect size to just get enough use out of them. or if they don't work well with your skin, you're fine with throwing them away. so what am i most looking forward to using out of this months glossybox? probably the monu aromatic face mask. i'm really big on face masks at the moment as they are really helping my skin out, so this just seems like another perfect edition. a 100ml bottle of this retails at £24.95 so i'm assuming it must be pretty good. i'll probably make sure to try everything out in this months glossybox as none are really 'dud' products to me. i can't see how far the jason lip balm will go though, as i always seem to lose them straight away! also how cute is the eye mask please? glossybox always go the extra mile to make me feel like it's my birthday when i open my box each month.

product review - origins


even though i have only been using it just over two weeks, this product has definitely become a holy grail product for me. it has replaced my GOSH velvet smooth primer as it has all the properties that it had, yet it also brightens my complexion instantly. as you can see, in the tube it looks like any normal moisturiser. however what i love about it is, as you start to massage it into the face it changes to the shade of your skin. so you never have to worry about it making you look orange! when i'm having a good skin day i would definitely be happy to just pop this on, paired with with a little bit of ginzing eye cream, concealer and mascara. you can see the difference it makes from the final photo; as the left is wearing vitazing whereas the right is not. as you can see it smooths out any redness or imperfections, and all you need to apply is a pea sized amount. this product is something i'll be definitely repurchasing the second it runs out. i honestly cannot rave about origin products enough. they're on the pricier side of things but i they are so worth it. what is your opinion on origins? are you lusting after any of there products? the drink up mask is next on my list to buy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicthank you! - 500 follower giveaway


i appreciate every single one of you who take the time to either read, comment or just follow my blog. i honestly believe how in such a short time how many people can be interested in what i have to say on a regular basis. so as promised here is my 500 follower giveaway! i have spent the past few weeks getting all my stuff together and i hope you like everything that is available to win. who know's if i'm feeling generous i may add a few surprise extras! the giveaway will run until the 29th of january so make sure you get your entries in. lots of love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Image and video hosting by TinyPicwhat spending ban?



everyone recently seems to be on a spending ban, yet for me the past couple of weeks i haven't been able to stop spending! there's nothing really interesting i'm wanting to be at the moment but i am desperate for a new iphone case! if you keep up with me on my instagram you'll have seen that after almost two years, i smashed my phone for the first time. luckily it was only the back but this has prompted me to get a nice case to cover it up. everything else is pretty boring, i need a new black bag as all i ever seem to use it tan coloured bags. and they don't always go for my outfits. whereas black does. i also want the crop top and leggings from topshop, just because they're so pretty! i can't believe i'm so close to 500 followers, you lot are amazing and i appreciate every one of you that follows/comments on my blog. i can't wait to get my giveaway up when it happens, i love the stuff i've collected together to give to you.

product review - enrapture totem styler


enrapture totem styler*

to me, having naturally straight hair is the worst. i know those with naturally curly hair probably wish they had straight hair but i find it boring, flat and uninteresting. if i'm not doing an up-do then i always turn to the tongs to work there magic. before winning these in cupcakeandcosmetics giveaway (amongst the other two products sold by enrapture; thanks again!) i just used a cheap styler that didn't even have a brand name. looking back the curls were far too tight for what i wanted, and i would have to always straighten them out afterwards to loosen them. thus giving my hair further heat damage. what i love the most about the totem styler is how you are able to chose the heat settings. i usually use 2,2,2 or 2,2,3 which gives me the effortless curl that i enjoy wearing on a daily basis. what i love to do to give my hair a bit more volume after curling, is to curl a few pieces in the opposite direction. this makes it a bit more messy rather than all perfect which is exactly the look i want to achieve. would i recommend these? 100%. they are so easy to use, it only takes ten minutes to curl my entire head. then i just back comb the roots, do a quick spritz of hairspray and i'm good to go. they usually retail at £74.99, but you can get them from amazon for £48 at the moment (click the link).

Image and video hosting by TinyPicflower power


what i'm wearing:
topshop floral blazer
h&m basic t-shirt
primark faux leather skirt
topshop chain necklace

so, the weather is dull and miserable. which ultimately means i try to brighten up my outfits to make it feel like it's summer. i bagged this blazer in the topshop sale for £30 which i was pretty happy with. one of my goals is to stop buying things that look exactly like something i already own. luckily for me, i didn't have a floral blazer. it's a perfect piece to add to my wardrobe as it can be used to jazz up boring outfits; such as a plain white t-shirt and jeans, or it can be dressed up with a dress and heels to wear for a meal. even though winter florals are in at the moment i will definitely make sure i wear this with outfits in the summer = good value for money. i already bought this skirt in october and for it being so cheap at £12 i loved it. it was one of my staple pieces as it went with everything. i am not ashamed to admit i wore it almost everyday for two weeks, then it happened. with the vast majority of items you buy from primark, sooner than later they fall apart. for me, the zip broke. i was gutted as all the other faux leather skirts were either more expensive or they had a shiny finish, which i didn't like. even though i kept looking they didn't get any more in stick so i admitted defeat. however, someone must have been looking down on me because when i was casually looking last week i spotted they had a small amount of them on the rail. even though it's a size 10, and a little bigger than i'd like i'd rather have it than not have it. for the first time ever, i'm not wearing my michael kors watch as i left it at liams by accident. it feels weird not having it on my wrist.

product review - jurlique


herbal recovery gel (30ml) - £45*

i can't begin to explain how difficult it was trying to get a swatch of this product. dear me, i'm worn out! they're not the best photo's in the world, but i did my best. i honestly don't know how i survived without this product, my skin is forever grateful to HQ hair and lookfantastic for giving me this to try out. no matter what cleansers or toners i tried out my skin was still uneven and dull, now i know what i was missing in my routine was serum! i've waited two weeks before writing up this review so i could be completely honest. the herbal recovery gel is described as an antioxidant serum designed to revive, restore and protect skin. for me, it has done exactly that. every morning and night i applied one or two pumps which is enough to cover the whole face. when you think of a gel you would expect it to be thick and heavy on the skin but this is the complete opposite. the consistency is quite runny which means even when applied my skin is still able to breathe. the rose scent might not be to everyone's taste but i really like it as it's so refreshing. two weeks later, apart from my breakouts the overall appearance on my skin has improved massively. my skin feels hydrated, brighter and has a much more even tone to it. meaning my make up looks much better and stays applied longer now. would i purchase again? definitely... if it was cheaper. as much as i love it i cannot justify the price tag. i am incredibly fortunate to have received it and i'm grateful to have it, so because i love it so much i'm going to savour it and not use it as regularly as i'd like. i do know HQ hair and lookfantastic have 20-30% off sometimes so if i'm doing okay with the finances i might be able to afford it. otherwise it looks like i'll be asking for it as a birthday gift.

Image and video hosting by TinyPici'm loving... REN


REN kit for normal skin
REN mini body wash gift set*

i know i'm a little late to the party but nonetheless i'm on the REN bandwagon now and that's all that matters! everyone's skin is different so even if another blogger rants and raves about a product it could have a complete different effect with yours. this is why i "uhm'd and ah'd" for ages about buying the radiance renewal mask. especially with it being £30. when trying out a new brand i think instead of forking out a huge sum for full size products, if you can try and find sample size sets. to be honest, i'm glad i bought the kit now rather than just the one product as i've found other products i love using, that i may have not even considered previously. overall, i love the products REN have available. the body washes smell exactly like what they are supposed to and the skincare products do what they are meant to. what else could you ask from a brand? ideally, i'd like the full size products to be a little cheaper but i can always wait until some discount codes are circulating then i'll get myself a bargain. one thing i do know, is i will definitely be purchasing the full size radiance renewal mask. it's amazing.

in other news i'm off to one of my best friends engagement party tonight. it's shocking how much everyone's growing up around me, either getting there own place, paying bills or getting married and then there's just me still living a care free life at home. i feel far too young for all of that yet.

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