50% off lush? count me in!


all products were 50% off bought in store on the 26-12-2013

as it's almost the new year, i think all topics relating to christmas are reaching their deadline. this basically means as of 12 o'clock tonight all christmas themed posts should not be made live, as everyone will be talking about new year festivities instead. so here is my slightly christmas related post. every year on boxing day lush cosmetics offer 50% off all there christmas products. that means the gift set you might have bought someone earlier in the year for £30, it's not £15 and you can grab it for yourself. at first i wasn't going to even bother with the sales as most of them were pretty naff, but i couldn't miss venturing into my town centre for this. unfortunately the one thing i always go for is the buche de noël cleanser, but for the first year it was sold out! so to make up for not being able to buy it, i bought a million other things instead. the best bit about it is none of what i chose has a distinctive chrismas scent, so i can keep them and use them whenever i need to. also everything that's photographed above only cost me just under £20. total bargain. how was your sale shopping? did you get anything from lush or elsewhere? let me know.

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toothpaste kisses


what i'm wearing:
H&M lace cami (similar here)
H&M floral kimono (similar here)
F&F shoulder tote bag*
new look loafers

the last weekend of the year has almost passed and as a result it has left me reflecting on how the last year has been for me. to date, this year has probably been the best for me as it's the one year where i've been happiest for the longest period of time. it's been full of love, laughter and gain. that being said i am totally ready for 2014 now and whatever it will bring me. hopefully that's lot of money and a body that would rival a victoria secret model, muhaha. even if it doesn't it's two weeks today until i go away on holiday to lanzarote and also have my two year anniversary with liam, and that's more than enough for me to be happy about. i've finished giving myself a break from my blog over the christmas period and i'm glad to be getting back into posting again. it's nice to have a little break to give you that oomph back. hope you like this outfit! let me know. x

Estée Lauder Modern Muse eau de parfum


hello! sorry i've been a bit awol from my blog the last few days. with the stress of christmas and working there wasn't much time to fit blogging in :( that being said i had the loveliest of days yesterday, filled with far too much food and alcohol but lots of love. i really do hope everyone else has a really lovely christmas. one gift i'm sure many bloggers will have asked for, or bought to give to someone else is the new esteè lauder fragrance. as soon as it launched a few months back when i popped into my local counter i had a quick spitz and was in love. the packaging is cute but still smart and high end. i love my floral perfumes but modern muse adds something extra compared to my daisy or lola by marc jacobs, making it more appropriate to wear as an evening scent also. i absolutely adore this perfume with its hint of floral and slight woodiness, it's just something you need to at least try and see if you like the smell for yourself. what do you think? do you own this perfume yourself or would you like to? let me know. x

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baby it's cold outside


what i'm wearing:
inlovewithfashion oriental print jumpsuit*
notonthehighstreet monaco u necklace*
H&M layered necklace (all one-piece)
ASOS platform heels (old)
daniel wellington watch*

considering i managed to get these photos all done in the space of five minutes, i'm quite proud. here's me thinking because it was sunny outside it wouldn't be cold. how wrong i was. i stepped outside and i thought i was going to get hypothermia by the time i got back indoors i couldn't feel my fingers or toes. the fact it was blowing a gale probably didn't help either; which is pretty evident by the lovely bits of my hair flying everywhere. the things we do for our blogs ey? i absolutely love this jumpsuit from inlovewithfashion and can't wait to take it on holiday with me which is three weeks... cue me crying because i can't diet this time of year. either way at least i'll be well dressed. i tried to show although it is summery in its style it can easily be transitioned into a more winter outfit. by adding a leather jacket it mean's you can cover up without having to worry about losing the style of the jumpsuit. i love it, what do you think?

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christmas with notonthehighstreet: for the stocking


just a quick post from me as i'm really tired tonight and in need of a nice chill. working in retail is such a nightmare this time of year, literally haven't stopped all week. anyway, the week before christmas most people get there last minute gifts in and it's usually stocking fillers. last year i made something similar to this with a bag of happiness and it went down really well. this has unfortunately sold out by the time i've made the post live, but it's definitely easy enough to make. or you could do your own personal spin on it. is this something you'd like or like to make for someone for christmas? let me know.

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it's all about the jacket


what i'm wearing:
H&M collarless blouse (similar here)
zara pinafore style dungarees
H&M layered necklace (all one-piece)

before any of my outfit posts live, they go through a submission process known as my boyfriend and sister. if they don't like it, it doesn't go live and if they do well it ends up on here. i wasn't particularly happy with the main shot but my sister was adamant that it was nice so hey ho she must just like big lion mane hair on me; although i quote her when she says " i hate your roots though". in hindsight i really am in desperate need of my roots getting done, however you will have to wait until the beginning of next year before that happens. this is because i'm skint as hell, and also i want them done for my holiday more than christmas. they are disgusting mind, actually taking over my head. so one of the reasons why i am so skint is because i decided to buy this coat whilst online doing some "window shopping". and by window shopping i mean, looking for excuses to buy things. now to some people you might be thinking £65 isn't even that bad for a coat, but when you are basically living out of your overdraft everytime you get paid you know it's time to stop clicking 'place order'. that being said i still haven't mustered the willpower to conquer my shopping demons yet. since i bought it last week though i haven't been out of it. even wearing it with things that do not compliment it at all, such as a couple of floral pieces which i shouldn't admit to. i only wish that i'd bought my zara dunagrees in the smallest size, i say it everytime i wear them as it's my biggest regret that i have to wear a belt to hoist them up. hence why you see a vile pink thing in the middle. i couldn't find my black one, sue me.

p.s sorry for it being up so late!

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my ultimate christmas wishlist



sorry for such a late post, i totally lost track of time today :( as it's almost a week until christmas now (can you believe it?! i can't) i thought i'd create my final wishlist of the year. if santa decided to treat me to everything i'd be a very happy bunny. if only i was incredibly rich and could afford it all myself! what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't include the new naked 3 palette, a yankee candle and a luxury lipstick in my wishlist? but in seriousness i do actually really want them all. i love christmas scents more than anything, so when they are popped in a candle it's my idea of heaven. i normally go for cinnamon stick but my boyfriends mam had the mandarin cranberry yankee candle in her house not too long ago and now i can't get it out of my head. it smells so good. my most wanted on my wishlist would be the anna lou personalised name necklace as i can never get my name just in any old place. unfortunately i've had to come to terms that this won't be mine this christmas as it can take over 2 weeks to be made :( finally the boots and bag are both ASOS and i need them both as i know i'd get so much wear our of them. what's on your christmas wishlist?

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take two


what i'm wearing:

and so the quest to perfect my photos outside continues. still not quite there, just trying to figure out what way is best. so if my outfits are a little squiff for a week or so just bear with me. here's an outfit i just threw on to go round the shops, lols jokes. i had my eye on this skirt at work for a while and then when i saw they only had my size left in it i just had to swipe it up before it went! as it was chilly i paired it with a polo neck jumper but when it's warmer i'm thinking of pairing it with a cream blouse. my new shoes are my babies and i needed them to make their debut. perfect heel height for everyday wear aswell - result!

what do you think? are you preferring the photos outside? also if you have any tips from your own blogging photo experiences please let me know :)

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Product review - Magnitone Face And Body Cleanser


magnitone pulsar daily skin cleansing & toning system for face and body - £58.50*

are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the clarisonic? well look no further as i think i've found it.   basically identical in style, the magnitone pulsar provides four stages of cleansing; deep cleanse, exfoliate, sensitive and pulselift massage whilst also providing a brush for full body usage. this means that not only can you make sure your pores are as clean as a whistle, you can help those tough parts to tighten on the body (yes, tops of thighs i'm talking to you) just by clicking a button. as the magnitude pulsar is 100% waterproof it means you can take it into the shower or bath with you without worrying. my experience with this has been positive thus far. obviously when first using a deep cleansing tool like this as you are purging the skin it can cause a few breakouts as it's getting right to the bottom of your pores and cleaning them out. but afterwards i've noticed that my skin is looking loads better. overall i really like the magnitone pulsar and think it's a cheaper and good alternative to the clarisonic.

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what i'm wearing:
urban outfitters paisley shirt
F&F black faux fur gilet*
primark ankle boots

not my most flattering of images but i'm testing taking my photographs outside and what it will be like with positioning etc. i don't really like how it seems to have added a few lbs to my legs (why camera? why?!) but maybe that's just about learning the best way to position my tripod. even though it's dry and sometimes sunny outside at the moment it's so blooming freezing! by the end my wee nose was bright red. when it's this cold it makes me think we may aswell have snow so then at least i know to wrap up. that being said even though it will make the commute to work x100 times more difficult, i am wishing for a white christmas this year. i know that this year the chances of snow does not seem very likely, but it just instantly makes me feel festive. as we've only had a brief spell of snow at the moment it doesn't feel like christmas is only a fortnight away. i want be wrapped head to toe in layers paired with a matching hat, scarf and gloves, then finishing it off with big thick boots. does anyone else feel that way?

p.s i've found a nifty little tool online that calculates what the chances are of your region getting snow on christmas day. click here if you want to check it out. apparently my area has a 46% chance!

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take the plunge with wonderbra


what i'm wearing:
ASOS v neck dress c/o wonderbra*
ASOS platform heels (old)

deep plunging necklines aren't always the easiest to wear and for a girl as flat chested as myself has always been a no-no. zero support and looking shapeless instantly put me off so instead i'd always go for outfits where i could wear a bra. luckily for me, the new wonderbra means that can be a thing of the past now. wonderbra has designed it's lowest bra to date, offering support whilst preventing dreaded fashion mishaps like side-boob. one in 10 women have been inspired to wear a low neckline by the recent celebrity trend of plunging outfits. for me personally if i didn't have access to a low cut bra like the wonderbra, i wouldn't be wearing a dress like this. it gives me the confidence to wear an outfit this daring without worrying how i look, and the best part is it just feels like an old regular bra. it's super comfortable and really flattering. it makes me excited that i can now push the boundaries on my fashion choices and maybe i can start wearing necklines like this more often now.

the new wonderbra retails at £32 and comes in sizes ranging between 32A-38F.

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