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office edgy 2 buckle boots 

for me the sales this year have been extremely disappointing. however whilst walking back to my car after work yesterday i saw these beauties in the display window of office and just had to go in and at least ask if they had them in my size. luckily for me, they did! they were the last pair and i just think when opportunities like that arise it's just meant to be. i've seen a few bloggers getting a few bargains from office but i didn't really look at what else was on offer so i can't make a reliable judgement.  for me, if we were just judging on how they looked i would give them a 10/10. easily. however i know it's going to be a painful next couple of weeks trying to break them in. not looking forward to the blisters and plaster wearing whatsoever. for £25 though i think the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. i will have to take it easy with all the new shoe wearing though, my feet won't be able to handle it. especially with long shifts at work. i hope you liked this post, i thought the whole "shoe unboxing" post was kind of a good idea as people rarely go into depth about shoes and people can buy them and be like "i wish someone told me about the pain!" etcetc. if you got any good bargains in the sales let me know or if you've posted about it post the link in the comments section for me. 

ps. the more i've thought about it, i don't think i'll do a what i got for christmas post as a whole. by doing it, it means i can't talk about certains things i received in there own individual posts or keep some of the things i received to myself. so instead, i'll do a beauty haul or a perfume collection post in the new couple of weeks.

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what i'm wearing:
h&m fur gilet (similar here)
asos quilted leather jacket
topshop skinny jeans
topshop peplum shirt (sale)
calvin klein watch
dune loafers*

as you can see, my boxing day was spent at work. oh what joy. obviously i'd rather have been in bed stuffing my face with sweets but hey ho, a girl has to earn a dollar. luckily for me it wasn't too busy however i really feel for the likes of people who work in topshop, river island, zara or lush. the queues were out of the door in the metro centre this morning at 11 and by the time i had finished my shift there was no slowing down. i was fortunate enough to have been able to pick things from the lush store and keep them behind the till until i'd finished. can you believe all of this cost only £18?! i absolutely love 50% off lush sales. it's what i wait all year for. stay tuned as there will more than likely be reviews over the next couple of months. as i couldn't be bothered to look in shops elsewhere i'm planning on browsing online for the rest of the night, i'm hoping i'll swipe up some beauties on asos! overall i had a fabulous day yesterday, the best christmas i've had in years and i hope everyone enjoyed there's too. lots of love.

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what i'm wearing:
claires accesories christmas bow

only one more sleep until christmas, i hope everyone's excited! i don't know if you've noticed but i've dyed my hair back to brunette as i couldn't keep up with the prices of highlighted blonde hair. i'll end up going back eventually, but for now it's probably best to stick to the natural route. i was supposed to work today but apparently as it was so quiet they didn't need me so luckily i was able to drive into town and get some last minute bits and bobs for tomorrow, such as batteries so i can finally use my camera again and stocking fillers. i must admit i did get distracted by the topshop sale and bought a couple of things. my plan for tomorrow is to go for christmas lunch at my aunties like i do every year, have my cousins show me everything they got from santa, eat far too much junk food and then it will finish with me going to liams and spending the rest of the night there. i hope everyone get's everything that they want and has a fabulous day. i'll probably be updating on instagram during the day so follow me on there if you haven't already, i'll also be taking camera shots to post about in a few days too.

oh, i don't know if you already knew but i won a competition! amazing, right? i just entered on a whim to win all three enrapture styling tools on cupcakeandcosmetics blog and it was announced last night. i feel so lucky to have won as they are such expensive products. i will definitely be posting and reviewing when i receive them in the new year.

Image and video hosting by TinyPiclast minute christmas ideas: my wishlist



i won't lie, my wishlist is a lot bigger than this. most of the things i am lusting after are from h&m which are luckily in the sale (and i can also use my staff discount of 50%) and also zara which i'm going to hold out buying from until the sale starts after christmas day. i do own a lot of shoes, but i rarely buy flats as i just don't like to fork out a lot for something i'll wear everyday. however, i do want to try and get a wider variety so i don't feel like i never have any shoes to wear for work rather than my boots as i obviously can't wear my beautiful heels. i love these shoes as they're so cute and also as they're black they will go with so many items, i also have my eye on a few pairs in topshop too. for me, whittards mulled wine tea has always been a staple piece that reminds me of christmas but disappointingly this year i haven't had it, i've got my fingers crossed santa brings me it as i love it so much as it's really not expensive in the slightest. i've already mentioned both origins vitazing moisturisers and the ren renewal mask in a previous beauty wishlist but as i still don't have them i'm still lusting after them. both have a pretty high price tag and i don't have the funds to buy them myself hence why they are still shown. finally, just some clothing i've been lusting after as i'm lacking in the new clothes department. i do think these leggings won't do anything to compliment my figure but i love the pattern and would be great just with some boots and a leather jacket; you could throw the fur gilet on top aswell to give some extra warmth if it's cold. even though i've heard mixed reviews on these boots, i think they're gorgeous. at £75 i don't know whether i could justify actually buying them although i suppose with student discount it helps a little. i love the colour as i have no brown shoes!

i know i've posted twice today, but i've been stuck in the house all day waiting for a parcel to come that i couldn't miss and tomorrow i have a 7-4 shift at work which means i'll be up at 5.30am *cry, so to make up for no activity tomorrow i thought i'd blog twice.

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cute postcard in paperchase, oversized christmas bow, ootd for work, wine and water, yo! sushi alone, christmas nails, ootd for black keys, cute stamps on my mail, beauty buys.

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so here we are, only a week until christmas. where has the year gone?! although i think i have actually been organised for once in my life and got all my christmas presents wrapped and ready, when i get paid on friday i do plan on grabbing some little stocking suffers as extras, because why not? for those struggling with christmas ideas or maybe have left it a little last minute i thought i'd compile my own ideas of what you could get.


depending on your budget some could be bought and be a main gift instead, as they are a little pricey. such as the paul and joe lipsticks or the lush gift set. even so, i made sure to include inexpensive gifts which you buy as many or as little as you like. chocolate are always a winner for christmas, and lindt lindor's are little balls of heaven so pop them in the stocking and you'll be in the good books. it's important to pay attention to the person you're buying for so, if you're buying for a beauty junkie like myself, nail polishes or product minis would be perfect as a stocking filler.


ah, buying for men. aren't they the worst to buy for? or maybe it's just the men in my life, who knows. although i think i've managed to savour my sanity in the process of buying presents this christmas it wasn't without it's tough moments where i wanted to pull my hair out out of frustration. scarves and socks are always a safe bet as who doesn't love knitwear at christmas time? plus, it's the stereotypical male choice. if you fancy thinking out the box, like i've tried to there are other options. obviously if he's a gadget geek get him something like an iphone case he'd like or a laptop vinyl. for me, the hot water bottle and whiskey minis would be perfect for the man in my life as a) he's a drama queen when he boards the ill train and b) he loves his alcohol. both perfect choices that don't break the bank. ideal.

hope you liked, let me know what you think would be perfect stocking fillers.

Image and video hosting by TinyPiclocked out of heaven



another good ol' weekly wishlist of things i cannot afford, woe is me. after seeing zoella mention in one of her recent youtube videos that her newest make up routine involved studio sculpt and mineralised skin finish i just need to have it! i used studio fix previously but her skin just looked ahhhmazing so yeah, i need it. now. i know it's sold out probably due to lily's recent post on her beauty blog but £6 for five origins minis is an absolute steal! considering i've been lusting after origins products forever but never willing to splash out for full size products. if they come back in stock in the next week someone better let me know as i need one or two of these ordered. i already own daisy eau de parfum and the eau so fresh but i hate carrying the full size product around in my bag so these would be perfect for day to day top ups and are so much more convenient for bag space. finally, this top is pretty cool, i never really wear patterned clothing but i love the waterfall effect and even though so much is going on it's not too in your face due to the pastel colours. it would look great paired with this belt aswell! it isn't long until christmas now, is there anything you're desperate to receive from santa this year?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicsuch a cliché


what i'm wearing:
topshop chain necklace
MK watch

it was only a matter of time before the ever so popular geek t-shirt made an appearance on my blog. technically, it isn't mine. yes i paid for it but it's actually liams but he's all self conscious about wearing it incase it makes him look like a tool so he won't wear it anymore, so i've taken it upon myself to steal it back. even if it is already mine ha. i really enjoyed wearing this as it was so big on me as i don't really enjoy wearing fitted basic tops, oversized just looks a lot better. but that might just be my personal opinion. i just wore this for a "i can't really be bothered to make an effort but i still want to look socially acceptable" kind of day. as much as i love these shoes since i bought them in april earlier in the year i definitely think they are on there last legs now. when i walk in them i don't even feel like i'm wearing shoes i can feel the pavement to the point where it actually hurts when i walk in them after a couple of hours. this necklace, even though it was just an impulse buy for going out in i can't decide if i actually like it a lot. i feel like i'm channelling mr.t in it. "i pity the fool!". overall, i feel pretty 90's in this outfit like i should be an extra in the fresh prince of bel air with the big baggy t-shirt and gangster jewellery but nevermind, it was comfortable to wear.

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what i'm wearing:
h&m white t-shirt
h&m nail polish in stay golden
MK watch

as promised, i remembered to take photos of what i wore when i went to the black keys. it was amazing i'd have preferred to have been standing though as the atmosphere is a lot better; boo for them selling out before i got a ticket! in hindsight i will be the first to admit my outfit was not weather or concert appropriate. i decided to wear my new heels with it for the first couple of hours whilst having a drink, however when i got in the car i changed to some ankle boots and genuinely thought i'd given myself hypothermia or something as my body was shaking like crazy. oops. these pictures are a little pants in showing how amazing the shorts are paired with this top (the photo i posted on instagram is much better), definitely my favourite outfit i've worn in a while. i paired it with some glitter eyeshadow, false lashes and a red lip which you can't see here as i took them before i got ready as i'm just too lazy and always ready as the last possible opportunity before we needed to leave which would have probably shown it off to you's a little better. nevermind, i hope you like!

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new buys from topshop, favourite food at the moment, gpoy on the way to work, dream trip for me and liam which i need to start saving for, christmas jumper (post coming soon, hopefully), gimme zara heels please, yay for new juice bar!, wrapping christmas presents, gpoy before going for italian food.

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ah there are so many things i am lusting after, woe is me. i love my models own polishes i bought when they had a 50% off offer a couple of months ago and ever since i've wanted more. the wonderland collection is absolutely perfect for christmas as it just oozes glitter and everything great about dressing up. the only thing is glitter is the worst to remove, one nail usually takes me a good five minutes! shock horror i'm lusting after another red lip to add to my collection, mainly just because i love paul & joe's packaging plus the colour would look amazing with the dress on here. another crown and glory headband i'm lusting after, i can't decide which i like more the ivory or the wine colour. i love them all so much, gimme. i have the bag and purse so it's only fair to want the iphone case too right? i understand £80 is pretty steep but it's so nice isn't it? not only because it's a festive scent i love the smell of cinnamon all year round it's my absolutely favourite so why wouldn't i want my whole room to smell of it all day long. finally, i can just imagine wearing this dress whilst strolling the streets of paris chanelling carrie bradshaw. it's not something i'd usually be drawn too but i really really love it ridiculous amounts. i'm so happy to have discovered chicnova as it's such a great website with some great clothing.

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