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another boring wishlist post, there's just so many things i want at the moment. i'm not a big trainer fan but i really want these. the worst part is i tried to purchase them online before i wrote up this post and the link has disappeared. i'm going to be devastated if they're no longer available as i can't find them anywhere! as for the two beauty products, REN and Bumble & Bumble discovered c/o llymlrs and ghostparties i could really do with them. my skin had so many dark marks from old spots so the renewal mask would be perfect for me. i absolutely love this coat, i don't think it would be the warmest of fabrics so you'd probably have to layer it up but imagine it with a plain black dress and some grunge boots, it would look so cool.


  1. That snood is so cute, love the colour!

    The Style Rawr!

  2. the jacket and bracelet are so nice! x

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  3. Both the beauty products are on my wish list too, especially the REN mask! XO

    1. I think so many people want it, the £30 price tag is definitely what is hindering me! x

  4. i am so in love with your header

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  5. The sneakers are sooo nice!!!! I like the scarf as well!

  6. The pric of that REN mask is definitely worth it, there's nothing better out there, it is a miracle worker, honestly! Is my favourite mask! xx

  7. Wishlists aren't boring!! Love all of these, especially the coat and the sneaks x

  8. Great wishlist, that snood looks so cosy :) x

  9. I love wishlist! That jacket is to die for!! I love your blog, following you! :)
    Megan xx

  10. You look great!! Love the scenery! It's indeed breathtaking! And love your chilled out casual and yet smart look :)

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