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i feel terrible for not posting the past three days, i've just been so busy and not really in the house a great deal so i haven't had access to my laptop to make a post. the weather's beginning to get a lot more dreary and cold making everyone miserable so i thought i'd make a post consisting of bright colours which may hopefully pick up the mood. i usually wear very plain simple colours but as i couldn't get the dress i wanted for christmas day this kaleidoscope effect dress is definitely tempting. if you think it would be nice for christmas, let me know! or if you have seen other dresses that would be good for christmas day please put some links in the comments box as i am very keen to see what your suggestions would be. i love the colour mint, i rarely wear it during summer time and always wear it on my nails during the winter period for some reason. this bag just oozes girlyness with the scalloping and the daintyness of it, it would be perfect to brighten up a boring outfit. i really do love it. even though i love my MK watch to death i would like to maybe only start wearing it for special occasions or when i'm dressing up rather than on a day to day basis  so the risk of cracking it is reduced. even though i'm normally a silver over gold girl i love this moschino watch, it's extremely plain but i love the black leather strap. finally, i don't actually own any too faced products. i would like to though! this set would be perfect for a christmas gift or if you are a make up beginner and aren't willing to fork out on full size products that you may not know you'd like. i'd definitely love something like this for christmas.

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what i'm wearing:
zara skeleton shirt
topshop sleeveless leather jacket
glamorous disco pants
primark flats
MK watch

i'm about to go out for a bite to eat with my girls as i haven't seen them in so long, so even though there is flooding everywhere because of the rain (eep) i thought i'd get an outfit post in quickly. i know i've been lacking on them recently, but i will try to organise my time better. i'll be honest, any opportunity i get to wear this shirt, i do. although i don't want to wear it too often as it's a quite memorable print and i don't want it to lose its touch i can't help myself. i didn't want to hide the print so i thought i'd wear my sleeveless jacket. plus i haven't worn it in a while so it made a nice change. as the weather means the ground is soaked everywhere, i may have to change my shoes to a more durable pair before i leave. however these trusty £6 flats are still going strong two months later - which i think for primark is pretty impressive! i'm not a colourful dresser to begin with, i'll always pick neutral outfits over colourful ones. but my raspberry nail polish just makes the whole look a little more interesting even if you can't see them in the pictures. hope you like. :)

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off to go earn a living, gpoy, newest addition to the skincare regime, liz earle bundle for christmas, now playing, relaxing bubblebath, crown and glory headband, tea and biscuits, firmoo glasses.
note: thanks to everyone for helping which dress to pick, the vast majority chose the second dress and personally that was my favourite. however i went to buy it here but it's only gone and sold out! i am honestly the most unlucky person ever. unless someone can convince topshop to get it back in stock or jones + jones to let christmas come early for me i'm afraid i'll have to look elsewhere. i'm devastated. i have found a possible alternative, it's not the same though. let me know if you like it.

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what i'm wearing:
topshop polka dot dress
primark studded belt
firmoo glasses*
hoorah, an outfit post (kind of) at last! i bought this dress last week or so on an impulse buy c/o of my topshop card which i'll have to pay back later but for now i'll kid myself it was free! i was contacted by the lovely people at firmoo and asked if i was interested in reviewing a pair of there glasses. how could i  possibly pass up that opportunity? after choosing the pair i was interested i was told they would take 5-7 days to come in the post. however i was pleasantly surprised when one day after i received the e-mail to say they'd been sent off, to see the postman knocking on the door with them. now, i do actually have normal glasses that i'm supposed to wear when reading and driving. however i rarely wear them because they do more damage than good i think. so although i could have gotten these glasses with my prescription i opted for a clear lense. as we know glasses are no longer used for visionary purposes, they are now used as a fashion statement and firmoo provide a wide variety of options to chose whichever style is best suited to you. i absolutely love the glasses i chose for myself, i love the shade of brown they are and the gold detailing on the side and the beautiful fleur de lis just make them so stylish and chic. firmoo also have a wide range of sunglasses aswell, so even if you don't wear glasses they could have a pair for you. if you are interested in getting yourself a pair you get the first pair free as long as you agree to pay for the shipping! you can't really complain when you can see the quality of the glasses. overall, i am extremely with the service that was provided and i'd recommend them 100%.

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i'm on the hunt for my christmas dress already, as i'm trying to be organised for once. i know i usually provide hyperlinks for you to visit, however i want your choice to be completely based on which one is your favourite rather than where it's from or how much it costs. i've nearly got everyone's christmas presents in so i thought it was only fair to focus on myself! what i will add is i know the first one looks a little pants from the image  i've shown (blergh at the white belt), however it looks fab on lucia from style confessional which you can see here. other than that i haven't seen any bloggers wearing any of the other dresses i'm trying to chose from. i'll be wearing the dress with these heels by the way. please comment below telling me which one you like best. i'd be greatly appreciative.

p.s i started my new job yesterday so i'm a little worn out from taking everything in but yay for 25% staff discount!

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trust me, the list goes on beyond these i just wanted to make my wishlist look neat as biggest place for materialistic things i want is on asos but there clothes are always shown on models and it would just make this post look messy but if you are genuinely interested in seeing other items i'm lusting after you can click hereherehere and here.

i'm a big sucker for illustrated mugs, i need to get more in my cupboard as they're the sweetest. even though this dress isn't sold on the actual LOVE website, it is on topshop's and i really love the colour, style and pattern. if worn the right way it could be a perfect christmas dress. i love my mulberry, but as it's tan i'm still lusting after the 'perfect black bag'. i love the scalloping on this bag and it's the perfect size and style for my taste. finally, who isn't lusting after the newest ipad invention? although i would love all of these things for christmas this year, honestly i am more of a sentimental, meaningful gift kind of person. it's 100% the thought that goes into a gift that means more to me than any present that costs x amount. i'd rather have a photo frame with a meaningful picture than a chanel bag or a pair of louboutins (sorry blogging universe!).

it's only five weeks away now so i hope everyone's getting into the christmas spirit! do you have any must-haves on your christmas list?

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i used to subscribe to glossybox this time last year for a few months. although i loved my boxes each month, due to my bank balance i had to cancel my subscription. although i bought this as a christmas gift for someone, i thought i'd let people know what i got this month and my thoughts. out of everything in this box, if it was for me i'd be happy with four of the five. i don't like the scent of burberry body but that's just personal taste, for someone else it might be there perfect scent. i prefer fresh, floral scents. if the box was for me (again) the dermalogica microfoliant and dr. jart+ bb cream would be perfect for me. skincare is my biggest focus at the moment as my skin is dull and full of blemishes, i have a feeling that these would help out tonnes! no girl can be without a top coat polish. nails inc are always good polishes so i'm happy. finally, i love the smell of mango so the alison claire body butter smells like heaven and you can just tell it would be super moisturising. overall, i think this is probably the best glossybox i've received so much so i'm tempted to purchase another one just so i can keep one for myself! the price is an absolute steal at £12.95 (inc P&P) as probably a full size of just one of these products already exceeds that amount.

if you received a glossybox this month what were your thoughts? or if you are new to hearing of the brand would you be interested in subscribing?

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i was contacted by barratts and asked if i would like to take part in there current competition to win up £100 worth of there selection of footwear, £70 of which can be won especially by bloggers by choosing a selection of shoes and making an outfit based on one out of a four possible themes aimed at christmas. the options are 'a walk in winter wonderland, a christmas party, a long shopping day or a christmas day outfit'. if you do four different outfit posts, you get four separate entries. the competition ends on the 10th of decemeber though so make sure that you entries are submitted on time. if you are interested in entering click here and post your link in the comments box. alternatively, you can also click the link if you are not a blogger and by entering via rafflecopter you could win £30. it's a win/win situation!

for me, i'm all about the glitz and the glam for christmas time which is why i decided to create an outfit post for a christmas party. although the dress is the focus piece the shoes (click here for link) are still an important factor to the outfit as a) they're practical; as wedges keep you better balanced for all you bambi's on ice out there b) they won't cripple your feet c) they are colour co-ordinated with the dress and finally d) they will make you have legs that go on for days. christmas make up has always got to be glittery, you can't be sticking to the matte shaded eyeshadows this season. it would be wrong. so i'd do a dark brown smokey eye which would make the colours of my eyes pop, throw on some false eyelashes and a nude lip and the outfit will speak for itself. you'll be the belle of the ball. although a bag really isn't essential depending on where you are going you'd need somewhere for your phone and purse if a male suitor isn't available to pop it in there back pocket. so, i chose a small box clutch. however i think it's important to make sure that with all the glitter going on on both the dress and eyes keep the colour of the bag matte. as my whole outfit is quite neutral based i thought it could benefit from some colour, oxblood is really on trend at the moment.

hope you like it and remember if it's chilly to throw on a coat! :)

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what i'm wearing:
zara studded collar shirt
zara fur gilet/jacket
topshop leather trousers (old)
mulberry alexa bag
MK watch

i'm sorry everything on this picture was bought at the beginning of this year so i can't provide a link for each item if you were interested in them. i'm sure if you look at each brands website though they will provide something similar to what i'm wearing. i have a love/hate relationship with this jacket because although i love colour and the fur on the front the fact it's sleeveless means it's really difficult for me to wear in the A/W season. unless i chose to wear a long sleeved top with it. even so, i love the combination of the browns from the jacket and my bag paired with the white shirt and the texture of the leather trousers really sets it off. i also really love the detailing on the back of the shirt with the chiffon pleats it makes it so pretty, although my bra always shows through which is annoying!

my title is because ever since watching the john lewis advert it's been stuck in my head, isn't it the cutest christmas advert ever! also i found out that the cover was done by gabrielle aplin who i used to watch religiously on youtube 2/3 years ago so i'm so happy for her success.

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look at jacks cute face, gpoy, topshop card, boohoo delivery, date night, ootn, asos delivery, my new favourite shirt, trying to be healthy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicmoustache you a question

what i'm wearing:
primark knitted jumper
topshop dip hem skirt (old)
primark clutch
asos heeled sandals
MK watch

uh-oh major fashion faux pas on my behalf not matching my polish on my fingers and toes, apologies. i really like this outfit as it means i get to stay warm because i'm wearing a jumper but i'm dressed up cause i've got my legs out and the heels are on! i love these heels so much, i'm usually an avid wedge wearer mainly because they never hurt my feet no matter how long i'm out on a night however i've recently been wanting to wear heels more. my feet aren't my friend as a result. never mind. i think they look so simple but expensive. this skirts been a firm favourite of mine since i bought it last year but the slit is so high up i always have to wear some small lace cycle shorts underneath (i'm sure people just think they're lacey underwear - they're not) and then i'm good to go. overall, i really enjoyed wearing this outfit however if you're like bambi in heels you could always wear some ankle boots.

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trying to do this post from my iphone is proving to be a lot more difficult than i had first anticipated, but i wanted to get this post up for you lot on time so i'll just edit it later if there's any major disasters.

i wore this outfit just to do a spot of christmas shopping but what i love about it is that you could easily change the flats for heels and you have an instant evening outfit! versatile clothing is the best kind of clothing. the top for me was an impulsive buy. if you keep up with me on instagram you'd have seen i recently signed myself up for a topshop card (uh-oh), so i felt it needed to be christened immediately, hence the top. i do really like it though as its perfectly on trend at the moment with the colour and peplum style, my only wish is that i should have gotten the smaller size. i was never going to be willing to spend so much money as what american apparel are charging for there disco pants. yes, they may be better than sliced bread but for that price i'd expect them to give me the ability to fly aswell. i think my glamorous noir pair are an exact dupe, they suck me in but not to the point where it's uncomfortable for me and they make my bum look a lot better. and for only £30 aswell! they are easily my staple piece at the moment, i wear them with everything. i know nothing good will come of it now as i also really want the red, navy and khaki pair that's available on the website. they're all so nice! finally the shoes were just a quick pick up as i kept getting wrong for wearing my zara boots all the time. in my defence they were £50 so i plan on getting my money's worth by wearing them, but anyway they were only £6 and they feel of a really high quality which is strange for primark and they didn't leave my feet hurting at all after wearing them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPictopshop galore



i knew when i started this wishlist it wouldn't end well, i now want to buy everything and have made myself sad because i can't.  topshop is probably most girls go-to shop when they're looking to update their wardrobe however i'll be the first to admit they can be a little pricey at times and if you look hard enough you can find cheap alternatives elsewhere. out of everything from my wishlist i want the playsuit and pointed flats the most, they would be perfect for christmas day! so simple and chic, and plus because i'm wearing black it means i can eat as much as i'd like and it would still be slimming (yay!). i really enjoy the trend where lingerie can be worn as outwear, as long as it isn't giving off the wrong message. i saw a similar bralet by the little magpie where she wore it with navy disco pants and a white shirt tied around it and it looked fab so now my goal is to purchase the whole outfit when i have some money to spare. i like that topshop give back to charity by the sale of some of there bracelets. it's really cute and i think it would be perfect as a stocking filler for a friend or yourself and you can't make yourself feel bad for buying it because it's for a good cause.

a little update non related to this post but i've finally got myself a job - yay! it's working for H&M kids and although it's only a temporary job hopefully they will offer me a full time position if i work hard enough.

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what i'm wearing:
asos quilted leather jacket
river island shirt
primark belt
 boohoo skater skirt
MK watch

an outfit post! i know they aren't the best but i thought i'd give it a shot. plus i received my boohoo parcel in the post yesterday and this skirt was one of the things i bought and i love it (even if i apparently look like mrs claus). as much as i enjoy wearing this shirt from river island i hate how easily it creases, it can be perfectly ironed then you put it on and it's creased, however i got it for only £12 so i can't complain. obviously it's far too cold now to be going out with a jacket so of course i went for the trusty leather jacket, however if you are interested in buying this one get it a size smaller than you are. i'm usually an 8/10 so i went for the 10 and it practically swallows me when i wear it. i'd rather wear it than leave it in my wardrobe though so i just embrace the largeness. hope you liked this post, if you did let me know and i'll continue doing outfit posts for you!

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i'm apologising now for not doing my usual posts where i spend a lot of time looking through websites to create wishlists or outfit posts for you. if you enjoy these posts which are more focused on myself and what i own, let me know and give me feedback please. i know my camera is really poor but if it's what you'd like to see i'll carry on posting them. if not, i'll go back to usual. as my followers commented saying they'd like to see a haul of what i've been buying recently in my last post i decided to split it up into two. one for accessories and the other on clothing.

what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't mention my michael kors watch at every possible opportunity? had it since february and it's never been of my wrist since. i originally wanted the zara version of these heels, however they were too expensive so i was going to go for the cheap primark alternatives but shock they didn't have my size so when 25% went off these £42 (what?!) heels i thought why not? otherwise i'd be lusting after them forever. speaking of primark, i really wanted the dupe of the gold studded clutch being sold in topshop, however once again that wasn't in stock; seriously metro centre need to get it together, so i bought this one instead at £6 it's a great alternative. plus, i'm more a silver over gold girl anyway. i've had my iphone 18 months now and it's definitely starting to show as i'm incredibly clumsy so i was just browsing eBay and decided to swoop this case up as it's super cute and super cheap. i even got my friend a yellow one for her phone just to be nice. finally, this bowler hat has just in the post today. i can't decide how i feel about it as it looked great on llymlrs but i have such a pea head it just covers half of my face. i'll have to see how i feel with it when i'm wearing it with an outfit. 

happy monday!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicmy new favourite shirt

zara skull print shirt

i didn't think it was possible to be in love with an item, until now. i used to be big into chiffon blouses a couple of years ago however i'd recently grown out of it opting to include more basic pieces to my wardrobe. however, after a recent interview i was just browsing the metro centre to kill time and when i saw this, only one left in my size i knew i had to just not think and buy. zara always do great quality clothing so i love that even though this is a chiffon shirt it isn't too see through to look tacky. the gold detailing down the centre just sets it all off. i just want to wear it at every possible opportunity! 

i've recently took advantage of ASOS 25% student discount and bought a few things from boohoo so if you'd like to see a specific "haul" post, let me know :)

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although they are cheaper than my usual choice of false eyelashes, i usually wear the cheryl cole eyelure lashes which retail at £5.05 i wasn't really happy with the end result. they seemed to be the same length as my natural lashes anyway and didn't add as much volume as i would have liked. will i buy them again? probably not. i've been happier with cheaper pairs if i'm on a tight budget. however i would like to try another pair of the katy perry range.

do you like katy perry's false lash range?

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lemon muffin, casual sunday in a&e (don't worry everything's fine), eating another mcdonalds, christmas starbucks, being the best partner ever, mail's here, halloween sweeties, new face brushes, tuna pasta bake.

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i'm really enjoying the short trend in the moment. the pros being if its windy you don't have to worry about your skirt/dress blowing up and even if they're really short i still have my dignity. it might be a little smart for some people for a night out but i love it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicwonderful winter coats



a few bloggers have probably already did similar posts to this, but i wanted to get myself involved. when it comes to a winter coat, for me it has be versatile enough that i'll get more than one years wear out of it and can also wear it in summer when it's feeling a little nippy. the trend i'm loving at the moment is the pu leather sleeves whether it's on denim jackets like at missguided or the coats i've put on here from river island. the grey "boyfriend blazer" coat and navy jacket will probably be the easiest to wear as you can layer it up with scarves and hats where with the other coats that have so much going on you're limited to probably just gloves. i've never owned a fur coat myself but i have this idea in my head that if i wore it with a midi dress on a night out with heels and some bling i'd look so glam! sad, i know. haha. 

out of all the coats here my favourite is definitely the second one. it's a little pricey at £85 but i know i'd wear it more than just the one year. plus i love the fur, pu leather combo. beautiful!

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another boring wishlist post, there's just so many things i want at the moment. i'm not a big trainer fan but i really want these. the worst part is i tried to purchase them online before i wrote up this post and the link has disappeared. i'm going to be devastated if they're no longer available as i can't find them anywhere! as for the two beauty products, REN and Bumble & Bumble discovered c/o llymlrs and ghostparties i could really do with them. my skin had so many dark marks from old spots so the renewal mask would be perfect for me. i absolutely love this coat, i don't think it would be the warmest of fabrics so you'd probably have to layer it up but imagine it with a plain black dress and some grunge boots, it would look so cool.

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for some reason caroline flack springs to mind with this outfit. probably because she lives and sleeps in shorts. that being said, as much as i like how dresses she needs to remember she's not in her 20's anymore. when it comes to jewellery i stick to silver as i think gold can sometimes look cheap, but i absolutely love the heart ring by lola rose, £35 is a bit expensive but it's really sweet and it'd look cool if you stacked it up. what would an outfit post be without jeffrey campbell lita lookalikes? everyone and there dogs in the blogging community loves/owns them. i personally do not, but i would love to at one point. the daisystreet version really are a great alternative for the fraction of the price.

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