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just a random of selection of a few things i'm lusting after. i was given a sample of manifesto when i bought my touche éclat foundation and it's smells amazing so i want the full size so much. it's getting colder now and i love winter accessories but my hands are so small i can't wear normal gloves so i have to wear mittens. the faux furs mittens are so cute and you can tell they'll keep you warm. the dress i found surprisingly on the topshop website and it's not my usual type i'd go for but i actually really love the pattern and it would be great to wear for a meal or a night out. it's not that pricey either!

hope you're having a great weekend.


  1. I must say, great choice on the make up! Estee Lauder is simply the best (for me) when it comes to foundations.


    1. I know I loved it when I had it, even though it was a little too dark but I can't wait until I have another £27 spare to buy it again. It makes your skin flawless! x

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    1. I know, I'm somewhat hoping my partner sees this and fancies buying me it for christmas haha ;) x

  3. ahhh I want that mulberry purse!!

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  4. I also share the glove problem! Little hands all the way! xx

  5. love that dress! it's so pretty

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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    1. thanks! i totally followed and entered your giveaway! x

  6. How gorgeous are those mittens! I'm the same that gloves never fit so I want to invest in a nie pair of mittens this year-those ones are perfect. That dress is so cute aswell, + i love your header!
    Molly Xx

  7. Ah estee lauder double wear is my fave foundation ever :)

    Emma X


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