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bag - mulberry

can i just say yay for having batteries for my camera again, meaning i can actual do my first "me" post in over ten months! i can't believe there's a mark on my mulberry, i don't know what it's from but i'm absolutely devastated as i've been trying my best to take care of it even though i use it everyday. my partner bought it with the purse for me earlier in the year after my constant mentioning i'd do anything for one, so let's just say i'm eternally grateful.

i'm not one who carries my whole make up bag with me on a daily basis as my bag would be pretty much full, but usually i take a red and a nude lipstick just in case i fancy changing my look later in the day. i have a bit of a hygiene thing and wanting to always smell nice (what girl doesn't) so i probably go through my perfume and deodorant far quicker than most people as i probably top up three of four times a day.. oops. i always like to carry around my notepad with a to do list or things to buy if i'm going shopping to keep me organised. then finally it's getting colder so i just carry around a hat just in case, also it's good for sorting my hair out if it gets a little windswept. this post has made me realise i need a key ring, how boring am i!

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i apologise in advance for the limited stores used for this post, i did look at other websites just these two seemed to fit the specification the best. i've never been a glitter/sequin person, until recently. i don't know whether it's because i actually would like to start dressing more "girly" or perhaps designers are just styling it better. obviously a glittery outfit is quite a statement piece which is why i've provided alternatives if you aren't willing to go all out with it such as jewellery, nail polish or most likely, eyeshadow. i love the dress and jacket from lavishalice, i've never shopped there before i'll be honest but i saw the jacket on millie mackintosh and i really really want it, and the dress would be perfect for christmas! so if anyone from lavish alice is reading this, get in touch? ;) haha, i'm kidding. kind of. do you like the glitter trend?

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i'm so grateful for everyone that follows and reads my blog, especially as i'm just a girl from sunderland who decided to post a blog because it's something i'm interested in. i've only finally started getting really into blogging on a daily basis and i thought it was only right to give back for all the attention my blog has received by doing a giveaway. i know it's not much but i will be paying for the product out of my own pocket, but everyone loves MAC lipsticks don't they? the giveaway will run from today until next sunday (11th of november) giving you plenty of time to get yourself in with a chance of winning. remember you must be following to enter.

please leave a comment with your name, email, instagram/twitter name (if you chose to follow as an additional entry) and also links if you commented or tweeted about this giveaway. when i announce the winner i will contact them to ask which shade they would like.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck!

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organised my room, typical girly bath post, cup of tea and blogging, dyed my hair back to my natural colour *cry*, face products, finally got my fringe back, given crude socks to wear, sam is the cutest, finally got this for my hair

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i know i do mainly outfit or a wishlist of clothes but i do love checking reviews on beauty products so i know what's good and what's not to buy. i don't have a lot of money at the moment to be splurging on new products but i would love to try these out, so maybe i can get them as christmas gifts or buy them myself when i'm finally working. even though its pretty expensive at £60 i do love the paul & joe set as the products are always well pigmented and it's such a well designed product that is so pretty for make up storage. i really love the cat shaped lipsticks too, oh my goodness they're amazing.

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just a random of selection of a few things i'm lusting after. i was given a sample of manifesto when i bought my touche éclat foundation and it's smells amazing so i want the full size so much. it's getting colder now and i love winter accessories but my hands are so small i can't wear normal gloves so i have to wear mittens. the faux furs mittens are so cute and you can tell they'll keep you warm. the dress i found surprisingly on the topshop website and it's not my usual type i'd go for but i actually really love the pattern and it would be great to wear for a meal or a night out. it's not that pricey either!

hope you're having a great weekend.

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i don't think that many people know about bershka in the UK. i'd say it was a cross between zara and h&m, maybe a little bit more affordable than zara though (as i know the dresses can sometimes be quite pricey). i prefer plain simple coloured outfits, that can be worn several times without everyone noticing and it means you have more freedom to play around with accessories and make up, so bershka ticks all the boxes for me.
from looking online these were my favourite pieces, especially the nude studded derby shoes. i think they'd look great with some super skinny black jeans, a white chiffon blouse and a fur coat. i'm sure you'd be able to dress them up aswell if you aren't one for wearing heels on a night out.

if you have already heard of bershka, do you enjoy the pieces they have on offer? or if it's now on your radar due to this post are there any items that are right up your street? let me know.

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even though i now feel as if i've now reached the peak where i no longer feel old enough to dress up in costumes, halloween is still one of my favourite events of the year. i still want to get into the spirit of halloween and the J.W anderson bat jumper would be a good start. LFW created a hype despite having a pretty heavy price tag at £70, but currently internacionalé are selling a pretty good dupe for £10. the halloween purses are a cute little addition if you aren't willing to go "all out" with the halloween dress code, or they could be a prize if you're hosting a halloween party for the winner at apple bobbing.

whether you're going out dressed up, just slightly making your contribution with the add on cat ears or doing the more traditional things such as carving pumpkins i hope you all have a great halloween.

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